Fact: a doughnut a day keeps the doctor away.

Okay I made that up, but doughnuts rank pretty high on my Best Foods Ever list. And, since Chrissy Tiegen has yet to come out with a recipe, I was forced to go search for the best doughnuts in Seattle myself.

…And I found them. Whatever kind of doughnut or ambiance you’re in search of, you’ll find it in one of these Emerald City spots.

(P.S. This post is not sponsored, but how cool would that be?)

1. Top Pot Doughnuts

seattle doughnut

Photo courtesy of Yelp

Go if: You want a reliable doughnut, and don’t want to drive too far.

They have 10 locations in the Seattle area, and the doughnuts are also sold at a number of local coffee shops around Seattle. Chances are, wherever you are, there’s a Top Pot doughnut within arm’s reach.

Dealer’s choice: Maple Glazed Old Fashioned Doughnut. You won’t regret it.

2. Rodeo Donuts

seattle doughnut

Photo courtesy of Yelp

Go if: You like surprises and variety. This shop has a rotating menu of flavors I’ve never seen before, like their Peanut Butter ‘n’ Sriracha ring, offered on Thursdays. Yes, I’m dead serious about that one.

This shop is set up inside the Cupcake Royale stores in Ballard and Capitol Hill.

Dealer’s choice: My heart belongs to their apple, bourbon and bacon fritter (pictured above).

3. Mighty-O Donuts

seattle doughnut

Photo courtesy of @samiyewman on Instagram

Go if: You’re vegan, or you want to justify your doughnut consumption as quasi-healthy.

There are only three locations, but they’re worth the commute.

Dealer’s choice: The coffee bomb, which is seasonal coffee cake with espresso glaze. It’s so good it deserves a plate of its own.

4. Street Donuts & Hot Revolution Donuts

seattle doughnut

Photo courtesy of @erikatobiason on Instagram

Go if: You like miniature, made-to-order doughnuts. For this control freak, it was nice to be able to choose exactly what kind of toppings I wanted. Plus they’re warm and fluffy.

Potential barrier: these food carts do appear at a set location, but they announce where they will be via Twitter.

Dealer’s choice: At both places, it’s the classic cinnamon sugar for me.

5. General Porpoise

seattle doughnut

Photo courtesy of Yelp

Go if: You’re trying to get a stellar Instagram picture and you’re willing to pay a little more to get it. They have just one small shop in Capitol Hill, and the selection is rather small, but what they lack in numbers they make up for in taste.

Dealer’s choice(s): Passionfruit curd or bergamot marmalade. I cannot and will not chose one.

6. Ly’s Donuts

seattle doughnut

Photo courtesy of Mrs. S on Yelp

Go if: All other doughnut shops are closed, and you may or may not be intoxicated.

The best part about Ly’s is that they’re open 24 hours a day. The doughnuts are average, but when you’re craving doughnuts, you’re craving doughnuts. Usually Ly is sleeping in the back, so don’t be surprised if you have to ring the bell for service.

#SpoonTip: Show your student ID to get $1 off a dozen doughnuts.

Dealer’s choice: The cream cheese frosting covered cinnamon roll (pictured top left).