Let’s start off by clarifying that first, we are not a university and second, we don’t make spoons. However, we are quite spoon obsessed and love eating spoonfuls of food, while attending a college.

Join Dartmouth Spoon

Photo by Sharon Cho

With the introduction done, let’s get down to business. You love food. We love food. No FoCo Challenge* needed; we’re a match made in heaven.

If you’re still wondering if the consulting or finance club is a better fit for you, think again. By the end of this, you’ll be itching to join Spoon.

1. Be a pro when applying to jobs and internships.

Join Dartmouth Spoon

Photo by Sharon Cho

As a senior who is about to graduate, I’ll let you in on a secret. Spoon teaches you the skills to thrive in the real world. Our online tutorials show you how to be the best writer, photographer, event organizer, and videographer out there.

We have upperclassmen on the team and from chapters around the world who are eager to work with you. You’ll totally thank me when you look back on all your Spoon accomplishments as a senior and about to apply to jobs.

2. Be part of a startup.

Pumped to be part of the Techstars NYC ’15 class! Thanks @spotsnyc for helping us celebrate. Let the games begin ? #spoonfeed

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“Entrepreneurship” and “startup” are both hot words now. Instead of talking the talk, let’s do it.

Spoon University was started by CEO Mackenzie Barth and CTO Sarah Adler while they were students at Northwestern in 2012. Since then, they’ve launched 100 international chapters. Spoon graduated from Techstars Accelerator in 2015 and have raised $2 million. Super legit. Our very own Tarika Narain ’17 interned there. You could even work at Spoon.

3. Be a rock star at Dartmouth.

Join Dartmouth Spoon

Photo by Sharon Cho

We’ll teach you all there is to know about food on campus and beyond. Your friends will know to come to you when they want food advice or are wondering how to spice up the typical FoCo meal. Hint: Direct them to the salad bar. There are tons of raw materials to work with there. Also, we have all the free food on campus tips for all you hungry college kids.

4. Be a leader at Dartmouth.

Join Dartmouth Spoon

Photo by Rebecca Schantz

Even if you’re a ’19, you too can be a leader within Dartmouth Spoon. Audrey Zheng ’18 was a first-year last year but she took the initiative in planning events. This year, she’s our Community Manager.

Seniority can be important, but we’re looking for potential and creativity. Pitch an idea. We’ll help you navigate Dartmouth to make it into a reality. When someone asks you what your strength is in an interview, you’ll confidently say it’s leadership.

5.Be part of an international movement to give our generation a voice in food.

Did I mention that Spoon is an international food media company with 100 chapters around the world? You’re not just joining Dartmouth Spoon; you’re joining a community that spans across the world. It’s almost like a frat… but we’re the yummier version and our headquarter understands us. Just check out their Snapchat @spoontv.

The best part is that together, we have a loud voice that is heard. Food Network doesn’t speak our language. We create the content for our generation. Where else but Spoon will you articles such as 21 Cold Dishes to Make When It’s Hot AF Out and We Broke Down the Unidentifiable Food Emojis So You Can Send Funnier Texts?

6. Go VIRAL.

You could write for The Dartmouth… or you could write for us and have your articles featured on Yahoo! Food and Buzzfeed. Make videos? Spoon bought a video billboard in Times Square to feature talented Spoon videographers. Sorry The D, but we have the entire world as our audience. #IMadeIt

Fill out this form to join Spoon University at Dartmouth. This is not an application to reject members but more a survey for the executive team know what you’re interested in and how we can best tailor the experience to your interests. Deadline is Saturday, September 26 at 12pm.

Still have questions? Join us at our information session on Tuesday, September 22 at 7pm in Collis 101.

*For the 19s, the FoCo Challenge is when you show up at FoCo right before formal dateless and shout out to the oblivion hoping someone eating a meal will take you on your offer.