Audrey Hepburn is the one of the classiest Hollywood icons to date. She graced film screens with her beauty, charm, and humor in films like Charade, Wait Until Dark, Roman Holiday, and her most popular, Breakfast at Tiffany's. Not only was she a phenomenal actress, but her cooking is legendary as well. Everyone should adopt the same food habits she did. 

She was humble

Audrey knew what it was like to go without proper food. She was only eleven when Germany invaded Holland during World War II, and the Nazi forces essentially cut off the entire country's food supply. Out of sheer desperation, her family would grind up tulip bulbs and bake bread from grass. Once the war was over, she developed a huge new appreciation for food. 

Fun fact: Far from being just another pretty face, this total badass worked as a secret courier for the Dutch resistance during the war, starting at the age of fourteen. She delivered messages hidden in her ballet slippers after preforming at underground ballet concerts.

Make it colorful

Audrey always decorated her meals with colorful veggies and fruits to make her dishes pop with color. She would add creamy tomato sauce to pasta, her all-time favorite dish. Her philosophy? If the dish didn't look good, it must not taste good. 

Never skip breakfast

Ms. Hepburn would insist breakfast is the most important meal of the day. She strongly believed in having a large breakfast with jam, bread, butter, and madeleines. It was a time for her family to not only fuel up for the day with a delicious hearty meal, but also a fantastic time to socialize. 

Happiest girls are the prettiest

Audrey was a firm believer that laughter was the best medicine. As an ambassador for UNICEF, she believed in kindness and laughter. She had an optimistic view on life and believed every moment should be cherished, especially ones shared over great food. 

Organic food is the best food

Audrey took a break from Hollywood in the '60s to focus on her family. She moved to Switzerland and lived at La Paisible where she was passionate about growing food in her garden. There was always an abundance of fresh fruit and veggies, even when certain foods weren't in season. 

She believed chocolate chased the blues away

If laughter was the best medicine, chocolate was a close second, as far as Audrey was concerned. Her love for chocolate began at the end of the war when a celebrating soldier gave her seven chocolate bars. She made a point to enjoy at least one piece a day. It was her favorite pick-me-up, and she believed it really did chase the blues away. She even had a secret stash of chocolate that no one was allowed to touch but her. For each of her son's birthdays, she would make a delightful flourless chocolate cake.

Audrey Hepburn wasn't just a successful actress and humanitarian for UNICEF, she was also an experienced and passionate chef. After surviving on so little during World War II as a child, she spent the rest of her life appreciating all kinds of food and sharing her passion with others. 

Audrey Hepburn is most famous for her acting career, but she was also a foodie. Despite her small stature, Audrey never skimped on meals and she could eat two bowls of pasta in one sitting. Talk about #inspo, am I right?