Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past semester and a half, I’m sure you’ve heard about Spoon University here at Bryant on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. If by chance you have been living under a rock, Spoon University is an online food resource where students from over 100 universities can write articles and share ideas, recipes, photos, and videos of food. When you join Spoon, it allows you to connect with other young people who love boozing and eating.

Spoon is constantly growing, and here at Bryant we just started our own chapter last semester. We’re looking for some newbies to join our crew of foodies. So, if you’re looking to join a group of people who love food just as much as you do, here’s six reasons why you should:

1. Obviously, you’re obsessed with food.


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Whether it’s eating food, looking at food, smelling food, or talking about food, you love it. It’s yo thang. Lucky for you, Spoon University is (YOU GUESSED IT) all about food. At meetings we discuss everything from debating which Sonic milkshake is the best to how we can incorporate more eating into our monthly chapter events.

2. You’re interested in a career in writing, editorial, social media, or the food industry. 


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You’ll have tons of opportunities to polish up your writing, photography, and editorial skills when you work on articles or send in pictures for our chapter Instagram account (follow us at @Spoon_Bulldogs). Spoon University has really expanded as an organization and has ton’s of awesome connections. Spoon HQ has even started taking over the Food Network SnapChat Discover page every Saturday, and they offer internships for college students. We may not be an official Bryant club yet, but I’d say were pretty legit.

3. It looks dope on your resume.


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Companies love extracurricular activities, and Spoon University is in it’s prime as we speak. Being able to say that you were part of a successful, growing, organization during your college career is a huge bonus on your resume, and let’s face it, babysitting from 2010-2014 isn’t gonna stand out to an employer.

4. You can be a star.


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Spoon University has over 177K followers on Facebook, over 119K followers on Instagram, and over 11.8K followers on Twitter. Your articles and photos have the potential to reach over 300,000 people around the world. Some articles even get posted on the Huffington PostBUzzFeed, and other wicked popular sites that millions of people read #MamaIMadeIt.

5. You can pretty much write about anything you want.


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Yes, a lot of articles are about the best pizza in the area, but there are tons of other topics you can cover. You have the freedom to write about whatever you want whether it’s how to be healthy, food hacks, definitive rankings of your favorite microwave mac and cheese, or even the best foods to use as ammo during a food fight. Write a funny piece about what it’s actually like to live with a nut allergy like our member Erin Davis, or write an opinion piece about gluten and body image like our member Dani Crepeau. Do you, man. Joining Spoon gives you a place to write as creatively as you want.

6. It’s not as time consuming as you think.


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You, in fact, will have time for Spoon and a life. Our meetings are only once a week, and you can write your articles on your own time and send in pictures whenever you want. We know you’re Insta-ing pictures of all your food anyway so why not get more publicity by joining Spoon and your pics posted on our account too.

There you have it. Joining spoon = entering a world of pizza-filled pasta-bilities. But in all seriousness, join Spoon. We’re not like a regular club, we’re a cool club.


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Yes, the cooliest.

If you’d like to get in contact about joining us, please email our Editorial Director, Dani, at dcrepeau@bryant.edu. Happy spooning!