School spirit is never higher than during Homecoming week. Students get pumped for the game and returning alumni comeback to relive the glory days for a weekend.

It’s a time to reunite with those who have graduated and take advantage of the food at your parent’s tailgate. The school’s biggest fans come out to take part in tradition and drink to their favorite team, led by their new favorite coach.

Whether you chose to rep the school at block or cheer on the team from Grange Grove, there’s no better way to show some Illini pride than with color coordinated beverages. These orange and blue drinks are sure to help you celebrate this year's Illini Homecoming.

Lunch Box

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William OuYang

The mixture of orange juice, amaretto and a pitcher of beer is a staple if you spend your Saturday’s at Joe’s. If you’re starting your HC celebrations early, this orange drink is a nice way to ease into the day’s festivities. Plus, at only $7 on Saturday’s, it’s a deal you can’t pass up.


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William OuYang

Firehaus is another alumni friendly atmosphere for homecoming. The blue Sharkbowl shows off the Illini color while you drink from multiple straws with your friends. If you find yourself sippin’ on a Sharkbowl during happy hour, don’t forget to take advantage of their $4.99 Haus fries special.

Powerade & Vodka

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Julia Catalano

A Powerade and vodka is a great start to your morning. It’s a cheap drink if you’re beginning your day at Lion being that Powerade is the perfect mixer for your festive tailgate drinks.

Wherever you chose to watch Lovie Smith take home an Illini victory, the Powerade and vodka mix is a great way to show who you’re rooting for. Plus, it replenishes the electrolytes you’re probably losing from all the celebrating.

Screw Driver

Julia Catalano

This is a nice way to add a little twist to your morning orange juice. Whether you’re watching the game from your favorite block spot or prepping a canopy in the tailgate fields, a screwdriver will get your hoco headed in the right direction. It could be a risky move to start off that strong, but Illinois' Homecoming only comes once a year.

U of IPA

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William OuYang

If you’re a returning alumni or a grad student, a crazy homecoming weekend might not be what you’re looking for. The Blind Pig Brewery in downtown Champaign still puts you near all of the excitement without being fully into the craziness.

Their signature U of IPA shows your UIUC pride while enjoying the comforts of an actual brewery. Maybe after a few you’ll be ready to hang at KAM's.

Blue Guy

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Julia Catalano

What better time to order a couple rounds of KAM’s classic drink than during Homecoming? Returning alumni can reminisce on nights at their favorite bar while being reminded of how crappy drinks at college bars really are. The bright blue color will bring out your U of I spirit, along with a little help from Alma on the wall.

Wherever you celebrate, show your spirit with these Illini orange and blue drinks. They might even bring the football team some good luck.