As a person with a nut and peanut allergy, choosing foods to eat becomes pretty complicated. Granola bars, a generally accessible healthy snack, are particularly frustrating. Perhaps I'm biased, but do almonds really need to be an ingredient in every granola bar at Whole Foods? I don't think so, and this list I've made of delicious, healthy, nut-free granola bars that can be found at any Whole Foods is here to prove it.  

Disclaimer: Most of these bars are still made in factories that process nuts and peanuts, so they may not be appropriate for those with extremely serious allergies.

1. Luna Bars: Lemon Zest and S'mores Flavors

Anna Fish

While Luna Bars generally have nuts and peanuts, for whatever reason, there are some extremely random flavors (like S'mores and Lemon Zest) in which these pesky allergens don't make an appearance. We'll take what we can get, and luckily these flavors do the trick to satisfy any granola bar craving. And with 8 grams of protein, these bars can keep you going through a busy, tiring day.  

2. NuGo Dark Bars: Chocolate Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Pretzel 

Anna Fish

I wouldn't say these are the healthiest on this list, but they certainly are delicious and, even more importantly, nut-free. Also, NuGo takes pride in all-natural ingredients, high protein content, and are not only gluten free but vegan as well.  My personal favorite? The Chocolate Pretzel with Sea Salt wins every time. Overall, if you're gonna indulge while being health conscious, this is your granola bar.

3. NuGo Slim: Chocolate Mint

Anna Fish

NuGo, luckily for us, is absolutely killing it when it comes to providing nut-free options. This is a lighter, healthier version of the NuGo Dark Bars, with all the same benefits. Even more importantly, the subtle minty chocolate flavor makes for one of the best granola bars I've had in a while.

4. Clif Crunch Granola Bar: Chocolate Chip

Anna Fish

Everyone knows and loves Clif bars, but honestly, their crunchy version is underrated. That special crunch comes from a combination of rolled oats and whole grains that'll keep you full on your next adventure. Whole Foods regularly carries the above Chocolate Chip version, which, luckily, is the only nut-free variety of Crunch Granola Bar that exists. 

5. Made Good Granola Bars

Anna Fish

I've truly never been happier to discover these bars on a recent Whole Foods trip, especially the Chocolate Banana flavor. Not only are all varieties made without peanuts and tree nuts, but the factories these are produced in are free of peanuts and tree nuts too. If you're seriously allergic or simply playing it safe, these should be your go-to option. Instead of having to order online, you can simply pick them up at your local Whole Foods. 

6. Kind Breakfast Bars: Honey Oat

Anna Fish

For a brand that's famous for its fruit and nut bars, Kind was a pleasant surprise. While only the Breakfast Bars are featured on this list, several flavors of their Healthy Grains Bars are also nut-free. The reason I focus on these bars is because they're extremely filling and can be a healthy breakfast in its own right if you're in a rush, which can be otherwise hard to find with allergies. 

While Whole Foods does stock differently based on location and other factors, these granola bars are generally mainstays (for good reason). Truly nothing is better than having easy access to good, healthy snacks that won't make you break out in hives or cause a panicked hospital visit. You'll thank me later.