Sometimes you're feeling bougie, which usually means that you're down to drop some serious cash on whatever makes your heart beat. Alright, cool. If anything, you should consider dropping your serious cash on some of the most expensive liquors in the entire world (though if you're a college student reading this, I doubt you can afford any of these). When in doubt, get any of the following:

1. The Macallan Select Reserve 1946: $46,000

According to Drizly, an online and mobile alcohol delivery service, this is the most expensive liquor that they deliver, which also makes it the most expensive scotch that they sell. There's nothing special about the bottle, so the overall taste and alcohol content must be the reason why it's sold at this price tag. 

The last thing you should ever do is drink scotch straight, so try mixing it with water after learning some fun facts about it.

2. Remy Martin Louis XIII Time Collection The Origin 1874: $6,299.99

Also according to Drizly, this is the second most expensive liquor that they deliver, and the first most expensive cognac that's sold. Maybe it's due to its bougie packaging that kind of resembles a crown with a light bulb on the top of it. If you ever want to make a cocktail with this cognac, go with a sazerac. It's bound to make your day with its color and taste.

3. Tequila Ley .925 Diamond Sterling: $3.5 Million

This is the most expensive tequila in the entire world solely due to its bougie packaging and because it's been aged. Who knew? 

If you're in the mood for a cocktail, your best bet is a Salty Chihuahua. It's simple and will remind you of lemonade, but it's more of a grown up version.

4. Billionaire Vodka: $3.7 Million

According to Business Insider, this vodka takes the trophy when it comes to its price tag. This is due to not only the bottle itself, but to the water that is constantly filtered and pure that is included in this vodka's recipe.

When ordering or making a vodka cocktail, always go with a Cape Cod. Regardless of how you're obtaining this cocktail, your tastebuds will thank you later due to its high flavor.

5. Goût de Diamants: $2.07 Million 

Goût de Diamants, which translates from French to "Taste of Diamonds," is the world's most expensive champagne. One of the reasons that contributes to this cost would be the authentic Swarovski crystal that's right in the middle of the bottle.

If you're short for time, you should get or make a mimosa. The combo of orange juice and champagne is pretty hard to mess up.

6. Macallan Imperiale "M": $628,205

According to CNN, this is the world's most expensive whisky. Why? Not only because of its bottle, but also because it's incredibly rare. 

If you're ever in the mood for a whiskey cocktail, go with a Manhattan. Not only does it have an aesthetically pleasing color to it, but it's also super delicious. 

The main lesson that we can learn from the most expensive liquors is that not only are you paying for the quality of the liquor, but you're also paying for the bottle that it comes in. More often than not, the bottle is super extra when it comes down to the design and the materials used. Regardless of which of these liquors you end up admiring in your spare time, just know that you won't be disappointed.