There's a stigma that girls don't like to drink beer. Stereotypically, girls tend to venture towards a nice glass of wine or a fruity mixed drink. While the Natty Lights offered at every college party are a true "delicacy" in the beer world, I can promise you that not all beer is the same and there is bound to be one that will suit your taste buds. 

I do have a couple alternatives to the shitty beers boys might so generously put in your hand while you flash an accepting smile because you simply cannot find the vodka. These beers can be your gateway to start liking a good ol' brew here and there. Some are sweet in taste and all are unique, so I promise at least one of these will be the beer for you.

1. Michelob Ultra

A major plus to this beer is that it's super low in calories. Michelob Ultra is very popular among the non-beer drinkers and it's relatively light in taste. Yes, it may smell like wet hay, but I'm hoping for the sake of social norms you aren't putting your nose into your beer bottles in public places.

2. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

It's not that I don't know how to describe the taste, I just don't know how to fit citrusy, grapefruity and somewhat spicy and florally into a description that makes you want to taste it.....but you should!

3. El Presidente

Easy to guzzle on down, this beer has a light fizz to it combined with a not sweet, but somewhat savory taste. Easy to drink in bulk, this beer will be the one for you to stick with if you're going to become a hardo for beer.

4. Yuengling

If you're going for the cheap change, then this is definitely the one. This will give you your alcohol buzz and will leave you with money for that late night pizza you soberly told yourself you wouldn't have. 

5. Red Stripe

This beer doesn't have a whole lot of flavor, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.  A positive is that it tastes totally fine at room temperature and has a healthy carbonation. It's also Jamaican, so that's cool too.

6. Unibroue La Fin du Monde

This beer was brewed in honour of the European explorers who believed they had reached the "end of the world," but really, discovered North America ("the new world"). Now if that isn't an inspirational reason to give a beer a try, I just don't know what is. It also has a sweet taste so that's a bonus.


If any of these classics don’t work for you, feel free to try these quick and easy cheats to help make your cheap beer taste just a little bit better. 

1. Add a Lime

This trick is pretty common, but it can convieniently work in a bottle or a can. Have a lime slice or two to shove into your drink. It really amps up the flavor.

2. Add Ginger Ale 

Yes, this sounds incredibly weird, but this trick can do the impossible. And by impossible, I mean make a Keystone Light taste like it costs more than 50 cents a beer. 

3. Opt for a Cider

If it walks like a beer, talks like a beer, and looks like a beer, it's gotta be a—oh wait. Now this is a cheat, because although it comes in a glass bottle it isn’t classified necessarily as one of the "ferda" brews. However Angry Orchard is truly one of the best things I've tasted.