Interning in the beautiful land of beans this summer? Or, if you’re living in or around the area, Boston has plenty of restaurants that you’ll be spending half your paycheck on (or drunkenly attempting to sell your watch in exchange for food). Here’s a list of the go-to places in Boston’s Financial District whether you’re on your hour lunch break or stumbling home from Ned Devine’s.

1. Milk Street Cafe

boston's financial district

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Screen_Shot_2014-11-21_at_9.31.59_AM.0.0Besides brewing one of the best cappuccinos I’ve tasted outside of Europe, Milk Street Cafe has a plethora of other savory choices. Their classic breakfast sandwich with a tomato spread or their avocado panini loaded with dank ingredients will have you becoming a regular in no time.

2. Viga Italian Eatery and Caterer

Viga Italian Eatery and Caterer - Boston, MA, United States. Milano Chicken Breast Sandwich

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Just a stone’s throw from Milk Street Cafe down Devonshire Street is what I’ve termed as the BSPB (the Best Sandwich Place in Boston). If you’re like me and your weakness is a hot sandwich, then you’re basically screwed. This place not only has quick service, but the employees will also get to know your name embarrassingly fast (or pronounce your name as Jacqui instead of Jaclyn). I also highly recommend their classic buffalo wrap.

3. Chicken and Rice Guys

boston's financial district

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And on the third day, God gave us food trucks. In numerous locations around Boston, Chicken and Rice Guys food trucks can be seen luring you to their deliciously sultry parking spots. This is no joke, people. I have completely cut Chipotle out of my diet because of these people.

#SpoonTip: They can be found at 85 Bedford Street from 11 am to 7 pm.

4. Wheelhouse

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This place is legit not even fair. They have a breakfast burger, people. A BREAKFAST BURGER. That has a coffee crust…I can’t even. This place isn’t even that close to my office, but I still maintain my once a week commitment to their dutiful tasty menu items.

5. Luke’s Lobster

boston's financial district

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I always hit up Luke’s if I’m craving a lobstah roll. This place has it all: convenience and a location at 75 Exeter Street right next to Boylston. Although it’s a little bit of a haul, it’s the perfect place to get something to-go or for lunch with a coworker.

6. Pita Thyme


boston's financial district

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I low-key think of Peeta Mellark every time I think of this place. With a Lebanese-style menu, Pita Thyme offers fresh and yummy lunch and breakfast choices that are good for on the go, located just off of State Street in the heart of the Financial District.