Let's face it, staying healthy in college with a busy schedule, limited food options, and endless temptations can be hard. Although I admit that I have fallen victim to the freshman 15, I am not ashamed. I have learned some very important lessons during the fall semester that motivate me to stay healthy and fit at the start of a new semester. 

1. A workout won't make up for that pizza. 

Going to the gym is great and even admirable, but if you think that a 60 minute workout is going to cancel out your bad eating habits you're wrong. If you want to stay fit stick to the 80-20 rule. A healthy diet consists of 80% eating right and 20% excercising, which means the food you put into your body is much more important than the calories you burn off. That being said maintaining a excercise routine is definitely important. 

2. Sitting in dining halls for hours is dangerous.

We all know socializing is the best part of college, and I have found myself talking to my friends over dinner for hours at a time in the dining halls. Socializing isn't a bad thing, but surrounding yourself with endless food is. I found myself grazing the dessert table several times in one night. Get up and talk in the dorms. Go for a walk. Just get yourself away from the food

3. It's ok to snack.

coffee, beer
Jodi Graf

In theory cutting out snacks saves calories; however, in reality, it cause you to binge at meal times. When I go to the dining halls starving, I eat so fast that I don't even know when I'm full. Snack but snack smart by getting these five snacks every college student needs in their dorm room. 

4. Buy single serving snacks.

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Jodi Graf

Portion sizes are essential to a good diet, but when you have a family size bag of potatoe chips it's hard to keep track of how much you are really eating. I even try to convince myself that I've only had one serving when really I had three or four. Buying small, prepackaged foods will help you stay on track.

5. The late night trip to Wawa isn't worth it.

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Jodi Graf

Trust me I know that everything tastes better when your drunk, but just go to bed. You will thank me in the morning. 

6. Drinks have calories too (yes, even alcohol).

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Jodi Graf

A big reason that many freshman gain weight is because they are drinking much more than their bodies are a to. Read the labels on your alcohol bottles because you will find that those calories can add up.

Mixing your alcohol with sugary juices and sodas will also add a lot of excess calories to your diet. Try mixing with club soda and drinking with ice or frozen fruit to take away from the strong taste. There are many ways to maintain calorie-conscious while drinking.

Although I was first discouraged at the number on the scale after my first semester, I am glad I learned these leassons that I can carry with me throughout my next four years of college. It's not all about the weight though, it's about staying healthy and feeling good about myself. I can't wait to start the new semester off right.