We know the struggle all too well. Summer is coming back, and we're still snacking like we are in winter hibernation. Did someone say comfort food and sweet treats?

Since I'm forever a fan of the "treat yo'self" mentality, I decided to look into some places that make sweets that are just as good for your body as they are for your tastebuds, so you can eat the treats you want without sacrificing the healthy side.

That's right, these high protein desserts are good and good for you. Don't believe me? I did the research so you don't have to.

6. Cookie Cups

When was the last time you've had a cookie that was bite sized, fruity and healthy? Cookie Cup's healthier options come in Strawberry or Apple pie and are made with real fruit. They're only 90 calories each and are super hearty, so one or two will satisfy the pickiest of sweet-tooths. You're gonna love them.

5. Boss Balls

These truffle-like treats are packed with 7g of protein and less than 1g of sugar. With about 75 calories in each "ball", you're getting way more substance than a regular chocolate truffle, and this ball is bigger and badder than any of the ones you can buy at Godiva. Check out their Kickstarter for details and then head here to buy some of your own.

4. Good Zebra Animal Crackers

With 270 calories per pack (less than a normal pouch of cookies, but a larger sized bag) and 12g of protein, these animal crackers have the added feature of nostalgia and will quickly become your go-to revamped playground snack.

They come in three flavors right now, including Chai (which has a big spice kick), Lemon (perfectly sweet and sour), and typical Vanilla. (Side note, I even saw these for sale at the airport, so they're picking up speed fast.)

3. Protein Bakery

Need I explain more? Protein Bakery specializes in treats like cookies and brownies that are each around 200 calories or less and have up to 6g of protein. And they've been hiding in plain sight for years.

They've got inventive flavors like Pumpkin Walnut Blondies and Espresso Brownies with Cappuccino Chips. And the owner, Stephen Lincoln, promises, "I don't sell anything that tastes like crap."

In fact, I can attest to that. Their goodies taste as good as any brownie, blondie or cookie at another store- maybe better because you're eating them knowing they've also got nutrients abound. Go ahead; have two.


KNOW specializes in every kind of carb you can imagine. Pasta? You got it. Bread? That too. But the real draw is their sweet treats. From donuts to brownies, and cookies to muffins and cupcakes. While a bit higher (and I do only mean a bit) in calories than their counterparts, they also pack up to 10g of protein and are made with all natural ingredients. Talk about Ab Fab.

1. Crave Clean

Leave it to beach-bound Miami natives to come up with the perfect good-for-you treats. Brownies are about 90-150 calories and some have up to 27g of protein. Cookies are between 100-150 calories and can go up to 13g of protein.

They've also got 17 protein-packed cake pop flavors, 29 flavors of cupcakes and an assortment of donuts. And if your birthday is coming up, you can even indulge in one of their cakes for a healthy and sweet dessert. But be wary, their shipping can be a bit pricey if you are not local to Miami.

The next time you think you have to give up your fave sweets and forego them for something more nutritious, think again. Fruit is great, but sometimes you just need a cookie.