Dubai is one of the world's most glamorous destinations, and tourists are attracted by the city's perfect mix of five-star allure and traditional Middle Eastern culture. But Dubai is rarely celebrated for its incredible food. 

Dubai weekends start on Thursday afternoon and go to Saturday, and everyone's favorite day - Friday - is reserved for families and friends to go to brunch. Over winter break I brunched extensively, and came up with a list of my favorite places. The following are 6 Dubai restaurants that serve mouthwatering brunches. 

1. Gossip Cafe & Bakery 

pie, brownie, cream, cake, chocolate
Marie Chantal Marauta

One of Dubai's culinary hotspots, Gossip Cafe & Bakery serves dishes that are both beautiful and delicious. From their rahash-filled chocolate brioche French toast with choco-hazelnut sauce and crème anglaise (above), to their chia pudding with berries, Gossip turns unique cultural ingredients into brunch staples. 

2. Eggspectation 

Marie Chantal Marauta

Originally a Montreal favorite, Eggspectation has taken Dubai by storm. As is obvious from the name, Eggspectation serves a variation of mouthwatering egg dishes, such as their smoked salmon Benedict (above), their lobster omelette, and their "bravocado" (poached eggs served in half an avocado with melted Parmesan and cheddar). Otherwise, try sweeter dishes like their s'mores French toast with Nutella, or healthier options like their tabouleh quinoa salad. With a fun, sunny atmosphere, this place is perfect for a chatty, upbeat brunch.  

3. Home Bakery 

cheesecake, pastry, brownie, sweet, cream, cake, chocolate
Marie Chantal Marauta

A chic yet cosy café, Home Bakery creates dishes to satisfy your most extreme sweet cravings. Favorites include their rich Nutella-infused French toast and their sticky date cake. A perfect place to appreciate freshly-made baked goods, whose heavenly tastes outweigh any caloric repercussions. 

4. Angelina's 

pastry, cheese, salmon, spinach
Marie Chantal Marauta

With locations in Dubai Mall and Emirates Mall, Angelina's is a great place for refueling before, during, or after a day of shopping and sightseeing. Indulge in dishes such as their crumbly salmon-spinach pie with Béchamel sauce, or their Croque truffle. Check this restaurant out to fill yourself up with the classiest comfort food around. 

5. Fortnum & Mason 

sauce, egg, asparagus
Marie Chantal Marauta

The Dubai branch of the famed London tea salon, Fortnum & Mason serves a range of brunch favorites. From their delicious highland scramble with Scottish smoked salmon and their creamy eggs Florentine (pictured above), this tea room can cater to your most refined tastes. It's the perfect spot for an elegant, yet laid back, day of munching and gossiping.  

6. Mo's

sauce, salad, meat, pad thai, vegetable, chicken
Marie Chantal Marauta

Located in the trendy City Walk, Mo's is a spacious restaurant that serves unique variations of your favorite comfort food. From their huevos rancheros with sliced avocado and cotija cheese, to their braised Wagyu short rib hash, Mo's will gratify both your tastebuds and your grumbling stomach. Pictured above is their specialty TNT shrimp tacos: lightly battered shrimp served in soft tortillas with chipotle mayo and shredded lettuce.

These are just a very select few of the many delicious brunch places Dubai has to offer. Take your pick, and just remember that the exquisite flavors are well worth the calories. 

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