Exams are stressful for everyone, most of us would rather just take a nap than put our heads into the books we’ve been avoiding all semester. That being said, a care package right before the final push can be the saving grace needed to finish out finals strong. Here’s some of the things that every student would love to see in an exam care package.

1. Coffee

exam care package

Photo by Alysha Anzik

Let’s be realistic, it’s exam season and you’ll be lucky to get 7 hours of sleep in a night. Depending on how bad you’ve slacked all semester, it might even be closer to 5. So what better stimulant is there to replace shut eye than everyone’s favourite go-to cup of joe.

2. Popcorn

exam care package

Photo by Chelsea Hawk

As practical as it sounds to go right to bed and get a good night’s sleep after a long day of studying, that’s just not going to happen for most of us. Having down time to relax and refocus is crucial if you’re hoping to survive going through the gauntlet once again the next day. Most likely that night time activity is going to be the finest film Netflix has to offer and a big bag of corn. Popcorn and binge watching go together like sand and the ocean.

3. Ramen

exam care package

Photo by Caitlin Wolper

The T-bone steak of dorm room life. This college dorm classic is known for being quick, easy, and loaded with sodium. Ramen is one of the 3 crucial food groups in a student’s diet (along with pizza and beer, of course). Ramen is perfect for late night cramming, which is inevitable. The best thing about ramen? Even if you don’t have one yourself, chances are that you’re only steps away from a packet down the hall.

4. Cereal

exam care package

Photo by Courtney Hatfield

For those of us who are blessed with class schedules allowing us to sleep in until 11, breakfast isn’t really a thing. However, this sweet privilege is robbed from us when we’re forced to labor from morning till night in hopes of making it through exam season alive. If you’re trying to maximize your daily productivity, opening up a care package to a mouthwatering box of a cereal doesn’t hurt.

5. Canned tuna

exam care package

Photo by Ally Mark

Stick with us on this one. We know that this item will not make you a floor favourite, and the smell alone will ensure that you can study in peace. However, it’s proven the amino acids in tuna help to balance hormones and boost brain function. During finals, you’re going to need all the help you can get.

6. Chips

exam care package

Photo by Brandon Guild

Who doesn’t love a nice bag of chips? You can even make your own healthy versions. No matter the type, there’s no substitution to a good crunch when you’re cramming to finish that 10 page term paper you’ve only just started the night before.

The last thing anyone needs while cramming for finals is an empty stomach or a lack of snacks. An exam care package is exactly what you need to keep your head down and finish off the year stronger than you started. If that’s not in that cards, there’s always next year, and at least this way you’ve got food.