I have some bad news for my fellow chocolate-lovers – we’re facing an impending cocoa crisis. So there’s no time like the present to experiment with your favorite flavor before it’s too late.

Although some of these pairings might sound strange, they will each provide a culinary revelation for your taste buds. But don’t take my word for it – try out these combinations for yourself.


1. Chili Powder



Hot chocolate, a true chocolate lover’s favorite drink come wintertime, originated with the Mayans. They would crush cocoa seeds with a few other ingredients, including chili peppers. The Mayans really knew what they were doing, because I can’t think of a better way to warm up than with a sweet, spicy, hot drink like this Mexican hot chocolate.


2. Beer


Photo by Kelly Redfield

You drink a lot of it, but are you really savoring it? Probably not. You’ll drink a lot of beer in your college years, so you might as well learn how to make the most of it. Either drink a cold one straight up with the right chocolate pairing, or bake with it. You can even make deep fried beer to be dipped in chocolate – perhaps the most American thing I’ve ever heard.


3. Bacon


Photo by Kelly Redfield

Although there are monsters out there who want to leave bacon behind, some of us just can’t (and won’t) get enough. Everything is better with bacon. Even chocolate. Take the simple route and make some chocolate covered bacon, or go big with your bacon bakin’ and make these Bourbon Bacon Brownies.


4. Meat


Photo courtesy of karenskitchenstories.com

Alright yeah I know that bacon is technically meat, but you get it. Going back to the Mexicans for a hot sec (those guys really get chocolate), try out this Chicken Mole recipe. Chocolate is the main ingredient in the mole sauce that you’ll be drenching your chicken in (it’s more appetizing than I made it sound). If you’re more of a beef-eater, add chocolate to your chili. You’ll be surprised at how well the flavors complement one another.


5. Salt


Photo by Mei Lan Fogarty

This is probably the most common flavor pairing on this list. The sweet/salty food craze has been trending for a while now. If you’ve been too skeptical to try it, now’s the time. Try finishing off your chocolatey baked goods with a sprinkle of salt.


6. Cheese


Photo by Bernard Wen

Cheese and chocolate. Two gifts straight from the good lord himself. It almost sounds dangerous to pair the two together – but you should take the risk anyway. Have dessert for dinner with this Dark Chocolate, Raspberry and Brie Grilled Cheese. It’ll be a religious experience.


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