What do pickles, churros and ice cream have in common? They’re all irresistible when fried. One of the greatest American stereotypes is our overwhelming need to deep fry stuff. And don’t get me wrong, that’s definitely something to be proud of. From Nutella to avocado, we’re seriously not afraid to try it with anything. Here are some of the best things to fry.



Photo by Elizabeth Layman

Admit: pickles are already delicious. Adding greasy goodness to the equation only makes it exponentially better. Have them with ranch or enjoy them with a burger.



Photo by Becky Hughes

Fried chicken became a staple when it was introduced to the American South pretty early on. Although the Southern food is about so much more than this stereotype, it’s a facet of a restaurant culture that has spread across the country.

Ice cream


Photo courtesy of www.browneyedbaker.com

If you’ve never had fried ice cream before, it sounds rather counterintuitive. Just hear me out. The salty, warm outer shell essentially protects the refreshing, sweet dessert underneath. One bite of the two combined will have you craving more, trust me. Fried ice cream can often be found on the menu at Japanese restaurants.

Onion rings


Photo by Caroline Liu

Onion rings have become a staple of most fast food joints, and for good reason. I personally don’t even like going near this nasty vegetable, but somehow battering it up and tossing it in a deep fryer makes it more bearable.



Photo by Yayaten

It’s basically fried and sugared sticks of dough, but churros still have a magical affect on us human beings. Anyone with a sweet tooth salivates to the sound of this Spanish doughnut.

Mac and cheese


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As a sworn macaroni and cheese fanatic, I really wasn’t sure I’d even like it in a new form. But boy, was I wrong. It’s a refreshing new spin on an old classic. Crispy, crumb-coated and cute, these little golden nuggets of cheesy, greasy heaven-in-a-ball will certainly have you asking for more.