No-Shave November is a 30-day challenge to put down your razor and let nature take over—it's picked up a lot of steam on the internet in recent years. What many people do not know, however, is that the challenge was originally created to raise cancer awareness by allowing people to register their participation online and donate the money they would normally spend on grooming during November to cancer research and other important causes. 

While raising awareness for cancer is obviously the best part of No-Shave November, the fact that you don't have to shave your legs for a whole month is pretty great, too. Here are some furry foods that will rival even the hairiest of legs during this challenging month. 

#SpoonTip: You can register here for the official No-Shave November, or support another registered member if you'd rather your legs not resemble a furry food.

1. Coconut


Hafiz Issadeen on Flickr

While young coconuts (like young humans) are quite smooth, older coconuts are in a hairy league of their own. Ripe coconuts' long, coarse hair can outdo your leg hair any day in terms of length, thickness and itch-level, even on Nov. 30. It'd be pretty impressive if you did beat the coconut, though. 

2. Kiwi

Justin Shannin

A famously hairy fruit, kiwis have a tough fuzz that's pretty hard to compete with leg-wise. While you might beat it in length, kiwis will give you a run for your money in itch-factor. Try wearing tights with that kind of fuzz.

#SpoonTip: Kiwi fuzz is totally safe to eat.

3. Peach

peach, pasture, nectarine, apple, sweet
Sarah Strohl

Honestly, peaches just barely qualify as beginner level fuzz. Most of your faces are probably hairier than a peach is. If your leg hair isn't passing the peach fuzz stage by the first week, lucky you, but the rest of female kind probably secretly hates you (jk). 

4. Rambutan

rambutan, sweet
Michelle Yan

Often confused with lychee (which unfortunately lacks hair), rambutan is an Asian fruit with a juicy, mildly sweet and flowery flavor. Nothing is mild about its hair, however. In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find a leg furrier than a rambutan (but we challenge you to try). 

5. Moldy Strawberry

Mouldy strawberry

goosmurf on Flickr

This fuzzy fruit is definitely not one you want to eat (though some mold is safe to consume). Nevertheless, moldy strawberries are definitely way gross and way hairier than the hairiest legs around. 

6. Corn on the Cob

hazelnut, maize, straw, vegetable, cereal, pasture, corn
Jenny Georgieva

While not normally thought of as a hairy food, those long, stringy fibers inside the husk of a corn cob likely make corn the hairiest food on this list. This level of fur will definitely put your rapidly growing leg hair to shame (and makes shucking corn a nightmare). 

Not only do you now know which foods are hairier than your legs this month, you also have six new things to compare to your leg hair to. What's it looking like now? Have you reached rambutan length yet? Do you have moldy strawberry thickness? Ha! Post your status on Twitter and Facebook for #NoShaveNovember and raise awareness for both cancer and your hairiness.