If you go to a Jewish private school before college, like me, then some of your favorite memories are from bar and bat mitzvahs in middle school. I was so popular there were some weekends when I had to attend three back-to-back bar/bat mitzvahs in one weekend. Ok, so maybe my school made it mandatory for us to invite everyone in our class, but that’s beside the point. When it comes to party themes I’ve seen it all: beach themes, candy themes, circus, academy awards and just plain “green”, because apparently some people are too lazy to think of something creative. Despite themes good and bad, I could always look forward to certain food staples. Let’s reminisce…

Bagels and Lox

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Ok, so this isn’t usually at the party portion of bar/bat mitzvahs, but you can always find it at the kidush after the services. Getting my schmear and schmooze on was usually the only thing that could get me through the never-ending Torah portion and thank you speech… “I would like to thank my Mom and Dad for making me the man I am today. But most of all I would like to thank them for sponsoring the Kiddush.”

Mini Hot Dogs

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Mini hot dogs are THE BOMB! This is a cocktail hour must-have at any event whether it’s a bar mitzvah, wedding, graduation party, etc. There’s something about their miniature form. You  often find yourself consuming like 10, but it doesn’t matter because you can work off the calories later dancing to Hava Nagila.

 Caesar Salad

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I don’t know why, but I could always count on Caesar salad making an appearance at my table. I think what goes through the caterer’s mind is, “Let’s throw this in, because it’s probably a good idea to have a vegetable in there between all the carbs and drinks.” But the “vegetable” is drenched in fatty dressing, so you’re really not doing yourselves any favors,people.

 Strawberry Daiquiris/Shirley Temples

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In middle school, we were too young to reap the benefits of an open bar. So instead, we profited by getting the shnazziest non-alcoholic replacement which, was typically, a Shirley Temple or strawberry daiquiri.

 Chocolate Fountain

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All the cool kids had a chocolate fountain at their party. If they were extra cool, they had a selection of things to dip into said fountain including strawberries, bananas, pretzels, and marshmallows. Oh, what’s that? You didn’t have a chocolate fountain at your bar/bat mitzvah? Well then your party was lame. Sorry.

Cake in the Shape of a Torah

bat mitzvah food

Courtesy of examiner.com.

It’s gotta be a Torah cake or the heavens will smite you. God forbid you get a cake that’s not shaped like a Torah scroll.

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