We get it. You’re hungry, and sometimes your only chance to get a midday meal is a late meal run between 2:50 and 3 pm. But that doesn’t mean sitting next to you in economics class won’t be a negative externality of your food-buying transaction. If you do insist on making us jealous and hungry in lecture, at least avoid the following six foods:

Starbucks Coffee

Makes you look like a snob but without the associated cachet of appearing to have good taste.


Yes, I heard you open the bag. And taking out your first chip. And crunching down on it. And doing it again. No matter how slowly you do it, everyone will still hear you. Also see: anything else in a small foil bag.


Photo by Lawrence Yu

Greek yogurt

If you want to let everyone know how willing to spend money on health crazes you are, Greek yogurt is the quickest and smelliest way to do it.


Yes lecture can be pretty boring. But alcohol can be pretty obvious.


Photo by Lawrence Yu

Late Meal Burrito

Don’t remind everyone about the lack of Chipotle on campus with your paltry and smelly substitute. Will also make you have to go to the bathroom before the end of your 3 hour seminar.

Late Meal Sushi

Late meal’s poor excuse for sushi is not worth smelling up the entire class.