Colorado College has a small, but dynamic, food scene. Just like every college, we have our own food traditions, but unlike others, ours don't always make sense to outsiders. From pasta to ice cream, Colorado College food culture is something Tigers will never give up. 

1. Midnight Breakfast 

Arielle Gordon

Midnight breakfast is Colorado College's best food tradition. During certain special occasions such as Llamapalooza or Winter Ball, Rastall opens late—for one hour. Between 12-1 a.m., Rastall is free for everyone and serves only tater tots, pancakes and Dunkin Donuts. The line to get in can stretch all through Worner, but you can bet that CC students will wait. Even when there are no chairs left, students will grab their food and have a picnic on the floor. 

2. Josh and John's at the Preserve 

Arielle Gordon

Access to Josh and John's ice cream is one of the many perks of living in Colorado Springs. And although you can get more punches on your rewards card for going to their downtown location when the temperature drops below freezing, Bon Appetit has done us one better. A select variety (although they are all good) of Josh and John's ice cream flavors are always available. On top of not having to walk for 20 minutes, you get more ice cream for less than it costs in the store. Spending an hour at the Preserve for dinner and ice cream—I see nothing wrong with that. 

3. Pasta Bar

Laura Santi

Pasta Bar. This one is perhaps the weirdest food thing to explain to others. From the outside, it might just look like we are lining up at 4:50 p.m. for pasta and vegetables, but in reality the Preserve's Pasta Bar is the best thing about Wednesdays. You get a hearty meal of fresh vegetables, protein and pasta all warmed up and lathered in a delicious mixture of pesto and alfredo sauce. On a good day, you even get a warm breadstick on the side. Pasta Bar gets us through the week and no one will ever be able to take it from us. 

4. Stealing from Rastall

Arielle Gordon

Even though it is technically against the rules, we all take food from Rastall. There is a certain art to doing it successfully. While they let you take an apple out from lunch, I have seen people take everything from the dishes to an entire container of milk. There are also strategic locations to sit to be able to do it. When it is warm out, sitting outside will allow you to slip food into your backpack without anyone seeing you do it. 

5. The C-Store

Arielle Gordon

Yes, it is actually called Local Goods, but no one would know what you were talking about if you said that. The C-store is full of carbs and sugar, but no one has ever been mad about that. Need a soda? Go to the C-store. Need to make a cake? Get everything from the C-store. Need some pizza? Go to the C-store. Having a bad day? Just go to the C-store. 

6. Going to 7-Eleven Is a Legitimate Activity

Arielle Gordon

 As the only store within reasonable walking distance of campus, going to for supplies 7-Eleven is justifiable. They take Gold Card Plus and sometimes you just need off-brand ice cream or refrigerated soup. For those on East Campus (looking at you, CC Inn), 7-Eleven is crucial to their survival. 

Even though aspects of our campus life seem crazy to others, Colorado College students are deeply attached to our quirks and we would never give them up. Pasta Bar until we die.