Last night, the world descended into chaos when a photo of this dress went viral. The arguments it sparked tore families apart and ruined lifelong friendships. Celebrities duked it out on Twitter. If America were the Beatles, #TheDress would be Yoko Ono.

Some people saw black and blue, and others saw gold and white. And then there were those special snowflakes who insisted they saw periwinkle or green. You guys just keep doing you, and maybe make an appointment with your optometrist ASAP.

Here at SpoonHQ, we stumbled upon a few food photos that blew our minds just as much as the dress did, and we need your help to settle the argument before we start throwing punches. Take a look at the photos below, and see what you think.

1. Lemon or Lime?


Photo by Justin Schuble

Since when does citrus have the power to make us question our sanity?

2. Red Velvet or Chocolate or Nickelodeon Slime?


Photo by Zoe Zaiss

This could be the beginning of a beautiful cupcake, or a B-side celeb is about to get pranked on a tween award show. Either is probably fine with us, honestly.

3. Hummus or Guac or Pâté?


Photo by Keni Lin

We feel like we’re taking crazy pills.

4. Beer or Cider or Pee?


Photo by Amelia Weller

This is alarming. Though in some cases, there really isn’t a significant difference…

5. Water or Vodka?


Photo by Lauren Beane

We aren’t sure if we’re about to get hydrated or turnt. This is the Russian Roulette of beverages and it’s extremely traumatic. Happy Friday, be safe out there.

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