If you have Spotify, you should know that there are some irresistible titles that have been waiting to be listened to. Irresistible, because they carry the overall message that food is marvelous. 

1. "Beyond the Pale" and "King Baby"

These standup comedy albums are from the clever Jim Gaffigan. He has an amusing way of expressing his views on food.

Favorite quote: "Do you know what they do to those chickens? No, but it’s delicious. Don’t get me wrong, I love animals, I just love to eat them more. Fun to pet, better to chew!"

Most of Jim's acts are on Spotify, but for food fans, these two are a must listen. 

2. "Three Packs a Day"

Crossing my fingers right now that there are Mi Goreng fans out there. Artist Courtney Barnett has long affirmed our infatuation towards this world-famous Indonesian instant noodle. 

Favorite quote: "I'm down to three packs a day/ Of Mi Goreng, I can't explain it...That MSG tastes good to me/ I disagree with all your warnings/It can't be true that they use glue/To keep the noodles stuck together/Two minutes seem like a lifetime."

And if you like indie music, this would be a groovy song to add to that MSG-scrumptious playlist of yours.

3. "Spilled Milk"

With more than 300 episodes to date, Spilled Milk has a lot to offer. Immerse yourself in informative conversations on various foods. Likable for its downright casual yet fervent style, it is difficult not to grow even more passionate about food once you start listening to it.

Favorite titles: "Bahn Mi", "Pretzels", "Norwegian Junk Food", "Frozen Burritos", "Tater Tots" and "Animal Crackers". 

4. "Animal Crackers" 

And then there's a light-hearted song by Melanie Safka about, of all things, animal crackers. 

Favorite quote: "Oh, once I went on a diet/ A carbohydrate diet ain't nice/'Cause you can't eat animal crackers/So, I'm gonna stay a fatty for all of my life/ Ha ha hahaha hahahaha/But some people think that fatties are nice, yeah/I love eating ice cream/Chocolate, vanilla and butter pecan/But I best love animal crackers..."

Melanie totally killed it with this song. She sings each word as if she truly means it; as if she truly loves animal crackers and is super happy about that.

5. "Peel Me a Grape"

If you have a soft-spot for jazz music, and for grapes and nuts and peaches, Diana Krall's cover of this classic could give you the delectable kind of goosebumps.

Favorite quote: Pop me a cork, french me a fry/Crack me a nut, bring a bowl full of bon-bons/I'm getting hungry/peel me a grape!

6. "The Coffee Song"

Thank you Mr. Frank Sinatra, for recording the first version of this amusing song.

Favorite quote: "A politician's daughter/Was accused of drinking water/And was fineda great big fifty dollar bill/They've got an awful lot of coffee in Brazil."

Too much coffee that the politician's daughter was accused of drinking something other than coffee. 

That being said, why not open up your ears, and embrace this tiny list if you can. It's almost like therapy, to experience food this way. Try listening to any of these tunes during breakfast, lunch, or dinner.