Parking passes seem to be on the rise every year, same with meal plans. You might not think about the costs of eating on campus but your gut and your bank account say otherwise. But what do you do when getting to Meijer is a twenty-minute bus ride? You still have to get groceries, after all. Let's not forget bus hours are different on weekends. Have no fear! Create amazing meals without the hassle and worry of time. Here are 6 food delivery sites that are just the ticket for you. Some of these are for Grand Rapids/ Allendale consumers only. 

1) Thrive Market

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Laura Quinting

Thrive Market is an online website that strives to make food as affordable and healthy as possible. The company is a member only site but no strings attached. If you aren't completely ready to keep going with the plan, you can choose to cancel. Thrive guarantees new users a 30-day trial run of the site. Most if not all the products are 25%-50% off regular price. 

Not only can you save on delicious food (Thrive even has its own brand of food) you can also buy bath products, pet supplies, and even health items. Thrive always has plenty of great deals like 35% off site wide, free shipping on your next 3 orders or even free Justin's Peanut Butter with a purchase from Thrive. So don't be sad if Whole Foods and Trader Joe's aren't down the street. Now you can eat healthy brands without leaving the house!

2) Boxed Wholesale

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Laura Quinting

Skip the middle guy with prices that even your mom would applaud. Boxed is a website that provides bulk groceries to your door, think Costco and Sam's Club without the drive time. Boxed prides itself in not only skipping out on the idea of membership fees altogether, but also promises fast shipping. Most of the orders are said to take on average two days to deliver. Now that's fast!

The downside of bulk though is that the site has a $20 minimum that must be met before you can officially check out. But to make your order even sweeter Boxed hooks it up with samples! Some of the samples that are featured right now are Bai Antioxidant Cocofusion or a bag of Frito-Lay Fun Times popcorn. Buying in bulk depending on the item can save you some serious dough. So what are you waiting for?

3) Chompler Food Delivery

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Laura Quinting

Started by a group of college-age students from Traverse City Michigan, Chompler had found a need from their peers; food. Whether it was transportation issues or just that the Cafeteria closed at 9 p.m. Chompler gained success by feeding bellies. Chompler is currently only feeding bellies in the Traverse City area but come fall/spring time their company will have a future location in Grand Rapids as well.

Chompler makes ordering your favorite food easy by creating an app that allows you to turn location notifications on, which gives an idea what restaurants are close by. Then you can choose what you want on the menu and order it. The site does require minimum orders on some restaurants but it gives you estimated delivery times and a flat rate. Next time you're at work wishing you were eating burritos at your favorite Mexican restaurant, you can!

4) Shipt

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Laura Quinting

The name says it all. Shipt delivers groceries straight to your door within the same day (sometimes within an hr) . Shipt is another member-based program but you can try the site out for free for your first two weeks. You can cancel anytime, and there are monthly options as well as a yearly one. The yearly plan is about $99, while the monthly equates to $14. Now what can I benefit from this?

Grand Valley (available also in Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois) students rejoice, Shipt has officially started at the Standale Meijer. Shipping is completely free after a purchase of $35 worth of groceries. The app to order even has access to over 40,000 different items. Better yet, Shipt sweetens the deal with $15 off your first order when you sign a membership. Shipt creates a community of personal shoppers that are committed to fulfilling your grocery list so you don't have to.

5) Doorganics

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Laura Quinting

Doorganics, a West Michigan exclusive organic delivery service, brings fresh ingredients to your dinner table. The site has three different sizes of fresh fruits or veggies that can be different depending on your budget. There are no commitments and the prices range from $29.99-$49.99. The different size ranges are preferred to be enough for 3-5 meals as well as snacks. Their office box is perfect for treating your coworkers to fresh and wholesome snacks.

Not only does the site do fruit and veggie boxes but they also have meat, dairy and coffee. The items are not in a box but there is a full page that tells you exactly what the item is, it also shows how much it cost in comparison to retail. Even if you're feeling extra lazy they have an option for you. They have created a few different prepared meals such as Spicy Peanut Tempeh and Bulgogi Beef Bowl. Mmmm. Delicious!

6. Grab It To Go

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Can I get my order to go? That statement might as well be my anthem lately. The company is based out in Grand Rapids and uses location or address to find local restaurants that work for you. There is even a way to track the order from your confirmation email and see how soon it will be arriving. Grab It To Go also does a rewards system that gives its loyal users credit towards future orders every time they make a purchase. If you're feeling in the giving mood you can gift a digital gift card so all your friends can enjoy Grab It To Go.

#SpoonTip: GVSU has a Farmers market that visits campus every week, take advantage of fresh food right at school.

Now that you know of 6 different food delivery sites to order food, don't think that you need to limit yourself to the cafeteria ever again. Distance should never be holding you back from healthy options or even treating yourself to that new Thai restaurant you've been hearing so much about. For hectic late-night study sessions or campus dining being closed too early to even the convenience stores up-charging for a coke, know that there is always a solution to your hungry dilemma!