At many of my family gatherings, many deserts would lie in front of me; pristiños, arroz con leche and of course flan. Flan has always been a rock to me, its the first dessert I ever baked so you can say we have a history. Its creamy smooth texture makes it an irresistible dessert loved by many, especially in the Latino community. 

Flan has been adopted by many cultures, therefore, the different variations to the traditional recipe can be found. Originally the flan came from Spain to Latin America and dominated the dessert game.

Over the years, many iconic deserts have been given a makeover and the flan was not left out. This classic dessert has been changed, but we are here for it. 

My Flan (The Traditional Flan Recipe)

Mayleen Zhagnay

The main ingredients of the Traditional Flan are sugar, eggs, condensed milk and regular milk. The recipe is fairly simple to follow but I can tell you from experience, be careful not to burn the sugar! 

1. Coffee Flan

It's with coffee, that already makes it amazing. Instant Coffee has been added to the traditional recipe making it a must-have. The kick of coffee you feel with each bite is worth it. 

2. Passion Fruit Flan

This is one of my favorite recipes because of its tangy and sweet taste. The passion fruit gives it a touch of freshness that was needed. Passion fruit juice is added to the sugar in the making of the caramel. 

3. Coconut Flan

Adding coconut to this flan transports you to a tropical oasis. The coconut adds more sweetness and of course that traditional coconut taste. Coconut milk is added to the recipe as well as coconut flakes to top this tasty dessert. The creaminess of this flan makes this twist needed on our dessert menu now.

4. Mango Flan

Mango is another fresh fruit that gives the flan a tangy and refreshing feel each bite. This flan would be perfect in the summer due to the freshness of the fruit added. Fresh mango chunks are added to the flan recipe as well as fresh mango as the topping. The perfect refreshing treat to ward off the summer heat.

5. Pumpkin Flan

The sound of crunching leaves, the sight of knee-high boots and the smell of pumpkin flan baking... that's right its fall. The pumpkin added to this recipe gives the flan more of an orange hue and a warm comforting feel with each bite. Canned pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice are added to the recipe. 

6. Orange Flan 

The orange zest added to this recipe gives it a citrus and sweetness this creamy flan needed. Using orange shavings as a topping gives it a beautiful finish and perfect for any home.