If you go to college, there's high chance that you will encounter a room full of kids engaged in a drinking game. Gathered here are some games to get you buzzed without venturing out into some sleazy, sweaty bar.

Grab your friends, your classmates, your dorm-fish, lock your door, and blast some music.

TV Show Games

If there's one thing college students love almost as much as partying, it’s ignoring our studies by watching episode upon episode of our favorite shows. Why not combine the two? And trust me, this totally doubles an educational experience.

Learning how to cook and want to do it by watching other people get verbally abused? Watch Chopped.

Thinking of going into forensics, law, or even medicine? Watch Criminal Minds.

Studying about post-classical history, mythology, or sexism? Watch Game of thrones.

Time to boost that GPA and lower your level of self-respect. 

Movie Games

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The next best thing to binge-watching Netflix is binge-watching your favorite seasonal movies. 

Love Halloween? Watch Hocus Pocus

Or are you a bigger fan of Christmas? Watch Elf.

You can watch either at any time of year, because that’s the best possible way to live. And if any of your new significant others object, just end the relationship right there. You deserve better, love. 

Pong Games

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Too cool for something so #basic? Boom Cup.

For you Harry Potter fans—so basically, everyone with common sense—make it into a game of Quidditch.

Have some Butterbeer while you're at it, too.

Board Games

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Odds are, someone in your dorm has board games—maybe it’s the RA, the jock who takes competition way too seriously, or that meek, teary-eyed kid down the hall who’s heartbreakingly homesick (I don’t know where, but somewhere, there are some). And you can turn just about any of them into a super rad drinking game.

Really can’t find one, or just too lazy to look? Use those old pizza boxes you have laying around in a game of Battle Shots, and try not to think about the ghosts-of-pizzas-past fumes burning your eyes.


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Sure, most people buy tickets to games at their school, but not you—you’re going to sit in your dorm in front of a sweet TV set with people you actually enjoy, effectively avoiding the sweat-splash zone of some old dude in the row behind you. Here are some for whatever you're watching:

Play this if you're watching football.

Play this if you're watching basketball.

Play this if you're watching the Olympics.

And if you do happen to head to the stadium, don’t forget to pregame effectively—your team depends on your ability to chug that beer. You know, probably.

From The Ancients

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Sure, the average college student probably drinks to have a good time, but in places like Ancient China, that shit was FOR REAL—they had friggin’ referees and would ban anyone who refused drinks from further games, branding them "cowards" and "deserters." And the Greeks? Forget it.

Since you probably can’t handle any boisterous BC games, you can always take shots to Drunk History and honor our forefathers while you're at it, too.

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