Losing weight is always on the list when we all create our new year resolutions. In fact, recent NBC News Statistics will show you that getting healthy ranked first amongst people's new year resolutions. Well we all know that getting healthy requires eating the correct diet first. Therefore, I am introducing the 6 Best Diet Plans for your reference. 

Most Well-Rounded Diet - DASH Diet


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Developed by The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute of U.S, the DASH diet ranks number 1 for the most effective diet out of all the diets introduced.

In theory, nutrients we take in like potassium, calcium, protein and fiber are very effective in reducing blood pressure. The key to achieve this is simply by eating healthier. By simply following the guidelines, not only do you lose weight, but also become healthier.

The best part of DASH diet is that it does not restrict an entire food group (although you will have to control your craving for these).

Best Weight-Loss Diet - Weight Watchers Diet


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Launched in 2015, this diet aims to transform you to eat healthier, to move more, and ultimately transform your lifestyle. This diet will help you to make healthier food choices, motivate you to move more, and ultimately transform your lifestyle.

Users are able to compare their food choices, and choose the healthiest option. The Weight Watchers program will assign every food and beverage a SmartPoints value, based on its ingredients. It will ultimately advise you in making food decisions that are more healthier. 

So if you’re debating whether to have between a cup of lobster bisque soup or a chicken salad sandwich for dinner (same 380 calories), the weight loss program will advise you take the chicken salad sandwich, as it is the healthier choice for you.

Best Brand-Named Diet Plan - Acid Alkaline Diet


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Whilst studies have been unable to determine its exact effect in terms of weight loss, Acid Alkaline Diet aims to prevent disease and maintain a healthy body.

The basic idea behind this diet is to maintain your blood pH level to the ideal amount which is around 7.30-7.45. Choosing alternative foods (such as soy milk rather than regular milk), this program guides you into making food choices that will help you to control your blood pH level.

This diet can also be associated with meals that generally have fewer calories. The best part of this diet is the fact that no extra expenses are necessary besides your regular grocery bills. 

For Rapid Weight-loss - HMR Program  

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Aimed to lose calories and weight by replacing a portion of your daily meal with fruits and vegetables. This diet aims to help you to shed calories and weight by replacing a portion of your daily meal with fruits and vegetables. 

Although a little pricey, "in April 2015, a Kansas-based health care system using the HMR Program released data" where it announced its "patients lost 19 percent of their body weight on average."

Best Plant-Based Diet - Abs Diet

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If you want to show off some fancy abs in the summer, this diet plan is the plan to follow. This plan will provide you with around 12 nutrient-packed foods thought to include all the essential nutrients the body needs. The food also provides nutrients helpful for muscle growth and burning fat.

According to the creator of this plan, by following the guidelines and eating sic times a day, it will keep our body energy level at high. At the same time, With the help of exercise and proper food planning, this diet plan will help you build your abs in a mere 6 weeks.

Most Interesting Diet to Follow - The Fertility Diet

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Beginning in 1976, this diet aims to improve fertility, increase ovulation and help you to get pregnant. Research from the Nurses' Health Study, which began in 1976 has shown that tweaking aspects of your diet, from fats to beverages, can increase ovulation and improve your chances of getting pregnant. 

Also, Drs. Jorge Chavarro and Walter Willett of the Harvard School of Public Health created a diet plan based on the study, which showed that women who consumed "good" fats, whole grains and plant protein improved their egg supply.

Although this diet will not guarantee a 100% impregnation, the worst outcome you can ever get is becoming more healthy, as the diet plan do encourage people to take in alternatives (like whole grain braid rather than white bread).

Although these diet plans all have their pros and cons, and do work out for numerous people, it is most important for you to be actively involved in the process. Exercise and follow the instructions of each plan thoroughly, remember, no pain, no gain.