It’s that time of the year. Spooky season is coming to a close and we’re left with a giant bowl of leftover fun-sized candy that we keep nibbling. Don’t get me wrong, I'm a sucker for Halloween candy. But the more of it I eat, the more I realize that the chocolate candy bars don’t really taste all that much like chocolate. I love a good Kit Kat, but it tastes more like a Kit Kat than a bar of milk chocolate. Once I’ve eaten way too many mini candy bars, I’m left wanting more, searching for real ingredients and flavor. If you’re like me, and Halloween candy teases you with all of its unfulfilled potential, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 6 desserts inspired by Halloween candy bars that are sure to taste ten times better than the originals.

1. Reese’s → Peanut Butter Stuffed Brownies

If you’re a sucker for Reese's, you’ll love this more sophisticated version where the Reese's takes shape in a fudgy peanut butter brownie. The creamy peanut butter center is an incredible addition to a classic chocolate brownie. 

2. Twix→ Millionaire’s Shortbread

Twix is undeniably a top-tier candy bar, so why change anything? The Millionaire's Shortbread maintains the integrity of the Twix bar but elevates it, creating a Twix bar on steroids. Nothing can beat its thick layer of shortbread followed by a gooey caramel center topped with decadent chocolate ganache. If you do give this one a go, make sure you have the patience to let each layer set (which is easier said than done) so that they look gorgeous when you cut into them! They will taste delicious regardless. 

3. Hershey Kisses→ Hershey Kiss Cookies

You can't really go wrong with Hershey's Kisses; they're are a classic for a reason! The satisfaction that unwrapping the foil of a Hershey's kiss brings is unmatched. So stick with this reliable candy, and add it to a cookie base to create a tasty and elegant dessert.

4. Snickers→ Turtles

Snickers fans, I can't say I understand you. In my eyes, Snickers are the prime example of nuts ruining a perfectly good candy bar. But if Snickers are your jam, give these Turtles a try! They swap the peanuts for pecans, which I think is an excellent upgrade. Make sure to top off your turtles with flaky salt and they're sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

5. M&M’s→ M&M Cookies

If the fun size packs of 12 measly M&M’s are leaving you wanting more, trade them out for these M&M cookies. I don’t know what sort of chemical reaction happens when you put M&M’s in cookies, but it is as if they emit some sort of chewy agent that floods the cookie and leaves you with something spectacular. Give these a try, and you’ll never go back to plain M&M’s (unless they are the mini ones - those are next level). 

6. Heath Bar→ Toffee Bark

If you went for the health bars when trick-or-treating as a kid (or now, no judgment here), this Toffee Bark is for you. It's everything you could want from a Heath bar, delivered to you at 110%. Nothing beats homemade toffee.

Grab your foodie friends and get baking your favorite Halloween candy-inspired desserts this holiday season!