With so many shows available to watch online, it can be somewhat challenging to find the exact one you're looking for. If you like food (which, my guess is you do), shows about food might just be exactly what you're looking for. Lucky for you, there's almost too many to choose from. So, I've kindly gathered a list of some of the best culinary shows out there that maybe won't satisfy your appetite, but will surely increase it. 

1. The Great British Baking Show

Available on Netflix

While this may just seem like your typical food competition show, The Great British Baking Show is so much more than that. Full of little British-isms and mouthwatering baked goods, this is one of the most entertaining culinary shows I've seen in a long time. You can watch the older seasons on Netflix, but if you simply can't get enough (and have a cable subscription that includes PBS), you can stay even more up to date.

2. Hungry Hearts with Action Bronson

Available on Vice 

In possibly one of the oddest, yet compelling, culinary shows to watch out for, chef-turned-rapper Action Bronson sets up couples and sends them to restaurants to decide their romantic fates. Meanwhile, Bronson comments on how he thinks the date is going throughout the episode. Not only do these restaurants seem amazing, but Bronson's commentary ensures that this mini-series is absolute perfection. Did I mention that this was all filmed on Snapchat?

3. You Suck at Cooking

Available on Youtube

Do you enjoy being gently mocked while you're learning to cook? Then this web series is perfect for you. Even if that's not really something you particularly enjoy, but you're just looking for general entertainment, You Suck at Cooking is still a great option. Featuring a pair of anonymous hands and a snide narrator, learning to cook has never been so sarcastic.

4. Cooked

Available on Netflix

One of the more underrated culinary shows on Netflix, Cooked is hosted by Berkeley professor Michael Pollan, who takes viewers on a journey through culinary history. Each episode focuses on an element (air, fire, earth, water) and associates it with a food that has had a particularly strong impact on human interactions and history. The whole series tries to answer the question "Why do we cook?" while also featuring food that will make your stomach rumble. The "Air" episode, which focuses on bread, is my absolute favorite. 

5. Binging with Babish

Available on Youtube

If you've ever wondered if a Krabby Patty is really worth the hype or what Michael Scott's donut actually tastes like, you can find all the answers you need on this Youtube channel that specializes in making the food that your favorite characters on TV and in movies get to enjoy. Sometimes the results aren't as good as you hoped, but other times you'll finish a video with a great recipe in hand. 

6. Munchies Specials

Available on Vice

This final series is probably your best bet if you're feeling indecisive. It covers such a range of culinary topics, you're definitely going to find something that catches your interest. With hosts like restauranteur John Besh and titles such as "Dining on a Wooly Mammoth," "Journey to Coffee Mecca," and "Cooking with a Frat House Chef," how could you not? 

Hopefully this list is a good start in satisfying your culinary curiosity. Maybe you'll find a new recipe to try from spending an afternoon binge watching some of these or discover a new restaurant to try. The possibilities are endless.