The bigger, the better? The Starbucks Trenta cup size is a staggering 31 oz. and towers far over the originally classic sizes. However, it is not our place to judge the ethical value and motivation behind constructing such a size. After seeing other edible and non-edible objects that can comfortably fit into the gigantic clear cup, it seems ridiculous to have this as a drink size. Maybe Starbucks is trying to prevent dehydration one Trenta cup at a time. 

Here are some of the craziest things that you can fit inside a Trenta cup. Idk if I will ever be able to drink a Trenta again.

1. 1,659 Pony Beads

chocolate, milk, straw
Sam Weed

Fond of crafting? Need a stylish place to store your glamorous pony beads? Look no further. The Trenta cup is able to hold 1,659 beads. Enough for you to make, give or take, 700 friendship bracelets.

2. 4 EpiPens

milk, tea, coffee, smoothie
Sam Weed

I only have one comment, these things are not tiny. I was very surprised that four of these auto-injectors fit into the cup. The EpiPen needs to be a substantial size because of the medicine and needle inside of it. The Trenta needs to be a substantial size to meet the daily liquid intake of a small pony.

3. 2 Dozen Oreos

coffee, milk, chocolate
Sam Weed

Oreos for dayz. I admit that I have packed about 24 Oreos in one sitting. I have even been dubbed a “Double Stuf” Oreo after taking this quiz. Next time I am just gonna empty the package of cookies into the Trenta and walk away, before I eat too many. I imagine people will be confused but also think “Wow, I really respect that chick!”

4. Full Box of Macaroni

coffee, milk
Sam Weed

A family size box of macaroni, has a serving size of eight! Store your pasta in the Trenta cups for when you need a cheesy snack. The amount of pasta required to feed eight people can be housed in a Trenta cup… let that settle in for a moment.

5. 1/2 Quart of Ice Cream

chocolate, coffee, milk, cocoa
Sam Weed

Bigger than a pint but not quite an entire quart. This is more than a Ben and Jerry’s carton. A whole quart would be going over board and Starbucks isn’t in the business of going over board. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t their motto “deliciousness in moderation”?

6. A Fish Aquarium 

Sam Weed

Don the Fish lived a happy life in his Trenta cup aquarium. It was clear and spacious, perfect for a fish to swim and frolic. However, a middle schooler mistook his home as a caramel macchiato. A moment of silence for Dons home..and also Don.

One cup. A million ways to fill it. Isn’t that what America is all about? Thank you Starbucks for being brave enough and finally making a size big enough to fill the stomach and hearts of your loyal costumers.