As we enter our twenties, we leave behind the days of drinking vodka coolers and enter the stage in our lives where wine and cheese nights become more frequent. For girls, we know that there is no girls night without a bottle of pinot. Here is a list of 6 clutch items you should bring to wine and cheese night.

1. Wine (Duh)


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You really can’t go wrong with bringing any kind of wine to wine & cheese night. There’s nothing better than getting drunk off of wine with your friends. We know that wine can be a little expensive, but here are some that are affordable for your student budget.

2. Cheese (Another Obvious)


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Cheese–probably one of the greatest animal by-products out there–has a variety of tastes that will satisfy your palette after tossing back a glass or two of vino. Ranging from sharp to creamy to spicy, cheese is a must bring to wine Wednesday. The thing with cheese, however, is that it must be paired with the correct wine in order to bring out its flavours to perfection.

The best cheeses tend to be really expensive for a small amount. It sucks… we’re all students and can’t afford that sophisticated life style we wish we had. Fortunately, grocery stores such as Zehr’s can have really good deals on cheese, such as $1 for a small wheel of Camembert.

Don’t forget: if you go on Tuesdays you can get a 10% student discount.

3. Cured Meat


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What better to go with your cheese than some cured meat? Cold cuts are perfect for wrapping your cheese in, or just eating by itself.

4. Olives


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There is more to olives than just being green and black. Olives are great when paired with cheeses and cured meat. It adds a certain level of sophistication to everything. Why else would they be in martinis?

5. Fruit


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We’ve satisfied all of our savoury taste buds, so now onto the sweet. Some are skeptical about eating fruit with cheese. But, let me assure you, there is nothing better than mixing these two flavours.

6. Crackers


Photo by Arlo Gordon

Crackers are the perfect way to bring it all together. Let’s be real, if you’re going to drink an entire bottle of wine, you’re going to need some carbs to soak up the alcohol. How else are you supposed to drink that second bottle of wine?

Now that you know what to bring to your next wine and cheese night, it’s time to drink up.


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