There's an app for everything, including alcohol delivery. While going to the liquor store is fun, having it delivered is even better. Whether you are getting ready to go out or having wine night with the girls, there's nothing more convenient than delivery service. Check out these apps for your next booze delivery.

1. Drizly

By far one of the most popular apps is Drizly. Drizly offers a large selection of your favorite drinks. They do not markup prices and even deliver limes, cups, margarita salt, etc. To use the app, just simply scan an ID, order your booze, and wait at the door for it to arrive. Drizly also offers recipes for your favorite drinks or if your looking for something new. Drizly is available in major cities such as New York City, Providence, LA, Boston and more.

2. Minibar Delivery

Minibar Delivery is perfect for a last minute party or for those who want to drink before going out because they offer delivery in a hour or less. Minibar is found in many cities throughout the country such as NYC, Chicago, Denver, Miami and Palm Beach. During the holidays, Minibar offers a variety of gift sets. 

3. Saucey

For those in Chicago and select California cities- LA, San Francisco, and San Diego, Saucey is the app for you. Saucey also offers delivery in under an hour and if you enter your email for a newsletter, delivery is free for your first order. Saucey has over 10,000 products including snacks such as pretzels, chocolates, candies etc. Besides offering wine, beer and liquor, Saucey also carriers tobacco products. 

4. Klink Delivery

While only in three cities- Washington D.C., Dallas and Miami, Klink Delivery is constantly growing adding delivery service in Plano, TX. Klink offers drink suggestions based off your mood, party type, etc. They have been featured in several magazines and newspapers and on Instagram, they offer short videos on how to make a variety of cocktails. 

5. Buttery

Only delivering in the Boston area, Buttery offers a more personal experience. If your visiting Boston and do not know what bar to hit up, just order from Buttery so you do not have to leave. To make things even simpler, they feature a chat section in case you don't know what to get. Buttery is exclusive for Apple users only. 

6. Thirstie 

Thirstie delivers weekly offerings directly to your inbox. They have mainstream alcohol up to premium offerings to suit your taste. Thirstie offers advice, recipes and videos. Thirstie is available in North Jersey, New York, California, Texas and many other cities. Thirstie is constantly expanding and will be popping up in new cities in the upcoming year.