Scrolling through Instagram, it seems like big cities such as NYC and LA completely control the rapidly growing foodie scene. Inevitably, in some ways they do. However, that doesn’t mean that less populated states are full of boring dishes. Some small town diners and dives are where the most unique creations are birthed. We’ve scoured the Internet to find the most passionate foodies from all 50 states. Check out which foodie account represents your state and be sure to leave room on your bucket list (and in your stomach) for all the mouthwatering eats they post.

1. Alabama: @alabamafood

What's your favorite food to grill in the summertime?

A photo posted by @alabamafood on

Not sure how Alabama managed to make shellfish look sexy.

2. Alaska: @alaskafoodbetches

80 days of constant light means 1,920 interrupted hours to fulfill all the noms.

3. Arizona: @azfoodie

Overwhelmed by the ~aesthetic~.

4. Arkansas: @lrfoodcast

Chef's Special Roll at Kemuri. Man I love that place.

A photo posted by Little Rock Foodcast (@lrfoodcast) on

Who else can eat sushi all day errr day?

5. California: @lafoodieguy

My cholesterol levels spiked just looking at this glutenous masterpiece.

6. Colorado: @milehighandhungry

you know that they say… early bird gets the freshest doughnuts | @krispykreme from @walgreens.

A photo posted by mile high & hungry (@milehighandhungry) on

This account is the key to success if you’re living the high life.

7. Connecticut: @ctfoodlovers

If your friends think you’re weird for loving salad, shut them up with this piece of art.

8. Delaware: @hockessinpizzapro

Pizza makes the world go ’round.

9. Florida: @thenaughtyfork

Eat and drink your calories at the same time #PHAAT

A photo posted by MIAMI'S BEST EATS (@thenaughtyfork) on

Even Miami’s food is a smoke show. FYI the face behind this feed has a secret life.

10. Georgia: @hungrygirlsdoitbetter

If you live in ATL and aren’t following this account I donut know what you’re doing.

11. Hawaii: @hawaiifoodblog

Green Tea/ Strawberry & Mango Shave Ice ?

A photo posted by Mostly Oahu, Sometimes Not (@hawaiifoodblog) on

It’s rude how perfect Hawaii is.

12. Idaho: @boisefeed

Researching a food story in Vancouver, BC! Butter lacquered sourdough with poached eggs and mushrooms.

A photo posted by Boise Feed (@boisefeed) on

Don’t get it twisted, Idaho is way more than just spuds.

13. Illinois: @chicagofoodauthority

I’ve never wanted someone else’s life more than @chicagofoodauthority’s.

14. Indiana: @insatiableindiana

@smokinggoosemeatery country ham and red-eye gravy Danishes from @saveurmag #southernfood #eatlocal #brunch #homemade

A photo posted by Insatiable Indiana (@insatiableindiana) on

Discovering the existence of savory danishes has changed my world.

15. Iowa: @orderup_ic

Oh, bento boxes you have my heart.

16. Kansas: @kcfoodsnob

I’d be a snob too if I discovered all of these amazing eats.

17. Kentucky: @louisvillefoodies

So down for this beer cheese.

18. Louisiana: @nolafoodjunkie

NOLA never disappoints.

19. Maine: @mainelyeating

I can’t even begin to imagine how fresh that salmon is.

20. Maryland: @baltimorefoodie

Yolk porn re-imagined.

21. Massachusetts: @bostonfoodies

At Union Square Donuts in Somerville via @lizandlavender #BostonFoodies

A photo posted by Boston Foodies (@bostonfoodies) on

Never in my life have I seen such a pretty picture of a donut.

22. Michigan: @michigan_foodiegirl

Amazing Nutella dessert from @prostwinebar in Frankenmuth ?

A photo posted by @michigan_foodiegirl on

S/o to Canada for giving us the gift that is Nutella.

23. Minnesota: @eatdrinkdishmpls

Pastry perfection.

24. Mississippi: @_foodstagrams

Couldn't help but post this pic again from @__jessdoit__ YUM??? #smores #chocolate ?#bidday #retreat

A photo posted by ? (@_foodstagrams) on

Where can one purchase a marshmallow of this magnitude?

25. Missouri: @bestfoodstlouis

This healthy smoothie bowl is breaking the boundaries of what’s considered food porn.

26. Montana: @brewskersbozeman

Local eats are better eats.

27. Nebraska: @thegreyplume

This dish looks classier than half of the people I know.

28. Nevada:

How could you spend your money at a casino when this exists in the same city?

29. New Hampshire: @portsmouthfood

Major props to the 603.

30. New Jersey: @jersey_turnbite

Mac n cheese burger? Credit: @mkrameisen #jerseyturnbite

A photo posted by Food of New Jersey ? (@jersey_turnbite) on

The food on this account’s feed is even better than its Instagram handle.

31. New Mexico: @foodtournm

Straight fire.

32. New York: @nycdining

I legit screamed for this brown butter sage brioche ice cream sandwich with spicy almonds and honey caramel ?

A photo posted by Dining With Skyler (@nycdining) on

Simply put, Skylar slays the foodie scene.

33. North Carolina: @raleighfoodpics

How did North Carolina get to be blessed with Cam Newton and all of this amazing food?

34. North Dakota: @mollyyeh

Gelato has never looked so good.

35. Ohio: @columbus_foodie

Soaking up all that Sunday has to offer.

A photo posted by EAT COLUMBUS (@columbus_foodie) on

Just try and soak up all of that gravy goodness.

36. Oklahoma: @okcfoodie

oh K cafe Kacao. ? cred: @han_wine

A photo posted by OKC Foodie (@okcfoodie) on

There goes another abnormally large marshmallow.

37. Oregon: @bestfoodportland

My mouth was gaping just as much as these clams’ when I peeped this photo.

38. Pennsylvania: @swagfoodphilly

Added the hashbrown BC it wasn't enough cals as is 😉

A photo posted by ✨2 Philly Foodies✨ (@swagfoodphilly) on

Ugh, bagel instas get me every time.

39. Rhode Island: @rhodyfoodgal

It was gone in two minutes ? Lobster Mac n' Cheese from @twotenobg || South Kingstown, RI

A photo posted by Eating My Way Through RI ? (@rhodyfoodgal) on

Leave it to Rhode Island to upgrade baked mac and cheese with lobster.

40. South Carolina:

Somehow, this account manages to one up itself with every post.

41. South Dakota: @somethewiser

Only eating peppers stuffed from now on, thanks South Dakota.

42. Tennessee: @nashvillefoodfan

rise n shine // @yeastnashville ? by @southernfatty #nashvillefoodfan

A photo posted by NashvilleFoodFan (@nashvillefoodfan) on

@nashvillefoodfan you’re the only ten I see.

43. Texas: @texasfoodgawker

truffle fries | urban eats | houston, tx ?: @seagrewilsonn

A photo posted by #texasfoodgawker (@texasfoodgawker) on

Fries over guys, duh.

44. Utah: @foodiecrush

This spot is so appropriately named. #ChoiceMarket in #brooklyn #clickretreat

A photo posted by Heidi Larsen / Food Photos (@foodiecrush) on

For sure crushing on those muffins.

45. Vermont: @vermontcreamery

Cremont Mac and Cheese: one of our favorite game day dishes. #sb49 #cheese #vermont #wrinklesaresexy

A photo posted by Vermont Creamery (@vermontcreamery) on

Vermont white cheddar cheese is the real MVP.

46. Virginia: @vafoodie

Farm to table restaurants ftw.

47. Washington: @sweetbombfood

Can't leave the Richmond night market without getting a rotato!

A photo posted by Seattle Washington Food (@sweetbombfood) on

Just stared at that rotato for a good 5 minutes. Pringles on steroids anyone?

48. West Virginia: @thehousepie

Creating a pie blog was an ingenious idea.

49. Wisconsin: @goodeatswisconsin

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Donut from Mikes Donuts & Chicken in Kenosha,WI. Photo by @mikelikesdonuts ? #wisconsinfood #yummy

A photo posted by Good Eats Wisconsin (@goodeatswisconsin) on

This donut came from a place called Mike’s Donuts & Chicken, omg Wisconsin.

50. Wyoming: @dishingjh

This fried chicken sandwich on a donut can ruin your NYE resolutions with just a glance.

51. Spoon University: @spoonuniversity

These funfetti sugar cookie nachos will have you feeling like a kid again. Link to video and recipe in bio. #spoonfeed #nostalgia

A photo posted by Spoon University (@spoonuniversity) on

As a bonus, be sure to follow the mothership.