YouTube may be your go-to for Bey's new music video but the YouTube community is so much more than Grammy artists and American Idol rejects. Teenagers, college students, and married couples alike have turned to their cameras to record, edit, and upload their one true love: food. 

As a college student with a tiny apartment kitchen, I never thought that the motivation to cook a healthy meal for myself would come from my phone screen. Whenever I'm craving junk, one of the channels I'm subscribed to will likely have a healthier (and equally delicious) alternative and having those options make all the difference.

That's why I put together a list of five YouTube channels that will motivate anyone who needs some health-spiration. 

1. Izzy Davis 

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 A fellow college student and avid cyclist, Izzy's videos and Instagram pics make me wholeheartedly envy the Californian-vegan life. She often vlogs her life at UC Berkeley, bringing us to class along with her veggie spring rolls and smoothies, proving that being vegan in college isn't as daunting as it may seem. Izzy cooks, blends, and bakes all from her apartment (I feel your pain, girl), and the results are nothing short of colorful and fabulous. 

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Izzy's diet of mainly whole, fresh foods has helped her clear her skin and reach her fitness goals (aka she's SLAYING). Even if you can't bear to part from your precious grilled cheese, Izzy's plant-fueled fitness and college-friendly recipes are definitely #goals.

2. Sarahs Day

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Three words: Australian Paleo goddess. Although giving up pasta and bread may seem more like a form of torture rather than a diet choice, Sarah (better known as "Sez" by her followers) takes on each day armed with all the fresh veggies and fruit and nut mix you could ever want.

She has come a long way on her fitness journey, which she is very open about in her videos, and has managed to get rid of her hormonal acne, lose weight, and get major booty gains all by eating right, weight training, and doing yoga.  

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Basically, she found exactly what works for her body and has the "after" pics to prove it (peep the abs). If you take nothing else from this list, make it your priority to subscribe to Sez. You won't regret it. 

3. Hannah McNeely 

I'm pretty sure Hannah is my long lost soul sister: vegan, college professor, aspiring author, major yogi, co-host of Spontanea—a plant-based pop-up dinner party in Southern California—need I say more?

Although she's relatively new to the YouTube scene, Hannah's quirky videos that show her true (hilarious) character had me hooked instantly. She always makes sure to pack her camera on her and her husband's road trips, which she uses to prove that you can avoid eating animals and get your daily dose of yoga in just about anywhere. 

Also, if you're into yoga pose porn (and if that's even a thing), you're probably going to want to follow her on Instagram too. Needless to say, between eating right and getting a sweat sesh in on the daily, Hannah's got this whole "adulting" thing figured out. And who wouldn't want in on that secret?

4. Nikki Blackketter

If you want to keep eating cheeseburgers and froyo and still look hot af, Nikki's your girl. Nikki is the poster child for keeping a balanced diet (emphasis on the "balanced") and kicking major ass in the gym. She is always brutally honest in her videos, showing the camera that she really ordered nachos instead of a quinoa bowl.

Best of all, Nikki consistently films a step-by-step guide to many of her workouts, making it easy for lowly gym peasants like me to actually kinda look like I know what I'm doing (I am not worthy).  

Nikki's diet isn't always an all-you-can-eat buffet though. She and her handsomely swole BF, Christian Guzman meal-prep and split their pre-workout regularly, which basically makes them the definition of a perfect fitness couple. If you need one more reason to go check out her channel, she has a cat named Maximus Prime who makes regular appearances. You can thank me later. 

5. Caitlin Shoemaker

Last but farthest from least, Caitlin's realistic approach to HCLF veganism makes her a great resource for anyone who is even remotely interested in living plant-based. Many of her videos include recipes and DIY tips for making your own vegan food on a budget (major key for all us college students). More importantly, her smoothie bowls are dreamy af.  

A moment of silence for all the dollars that will be lost to Vitamixes after looking at those pics (sorry, Mom). Even better, despite being a full-time grad student, Caitlin makes time to thoughtfully plan out her grocery trips as well as make her own kombucha AND sauerkraut. If this busy girl can make half her food from scratch and still make it to class, who can't? 

Though ordering a pizza for your midnight study session doesn't need to be a thing of the past (at least not yet), I hope these health guru's channels can inspire you make overall better choices when it comes to your health, just like they did for me.

Making the switch to veganism or hitting the gym every day isn't for everyone, but next time you're scrounging YouTube for a good time-killer, don't forget about these channels (and more). They might just make those healthy decisions a little a bit easier.