These five workout tips are inspired by my favorite, famous health and fitness social media inspos. If you're looking to start your health kick off right or get a different perspective on fitness in general, then get your fitspo from the best.

These powerful females not only make working out look incredibly attractive, but have taught me to crave moving my body in the morning.

By the end of these, you'll be motivated to start pumping the iron, taping back, or doing whatever else it is the celebs do these days.

1. Rise and Grind

We're all busy, but if you wake up early and get your workout in before the chaos of your day begins to unravel, you won't have to worry about making excuses later. Plus, you'll actually have more energy throughout the day... shocking, I know. 

Eventually, morning exercise should become as routine as brushing your teeth.

2. Create a Couple Fierce Playlist

Whether you use Spotify or Apple Music, make a playlist that will motivate you to push through one last squat or run an extra half mile.

Most importantly, update your playlist and include songs from a variety of genres and artists. I like using the workout playlists Spotify creates because they switch the music up for you. 

3. Fuel and Refuel

You'd normally want to make your workouts easier, right? And feel energized during and after you exercise? Then don't be afraid to eat. Especially focus on fueling yourself with natural and wholesome foods like fresh produce and not something processed from inside a box.

Whether you're working out in the morning or evening, eat before hand. It can be anything from a hardy bowl of oatmeal to half a banana, but eating before a workout is just as important as eating afterwards.

It's important to include some protein in your post-workout meal like a plant-based protein shake or a hummus wrap loaded with leafy greens... your muscles will thank you later

4. Stretch and Hydrate

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Stretching is essential for recovery, so you can get back at it the next day and the next day. Have a couple go-to stretches or yoga poses in your back pocket that cover the whole body.  

Your water bottle should honestly become your new accessory. Yeah, Gatorade is colorful and all, but I would worry more about getting in at least two liters of water daily.  

Just like with eating, stretch and hydrate before and after your workout.

5. Find Workouts You Enjoy

Think of refining your workout habits as a lifestyle change. In a way, your choice of exercise is a part of your identity. I know that sounds scary, sometimes 7:30 am spin can be a bit frightening, but exercise is meant to be relaxing and enjoyable. So have fun and don't take yourself so seriously.

If you don't like to run, don't run. Try spinning, Zumba, or cardio kickboxing instead. It's like college. Just find where you fit in, and everything else will fall into place. Discover what you love and run with it (literally).

You might be reading this and wondering who does this girl think she is? She learned all this from Instagram. And if not, you should be. I am not an expert. There is no doubt that exposure to social media has helped motivate me, but we're all different and constantly changing.

That is why these tips are simply a foundation to help build your own routine. So start building your own plan, habits, and six pack abs.