Ahh the good ole wine drunk, a timeless tradition that not only has increased in popularity, but in price. It seems almost impossible to find a good alcohol that will get the job done without also emptying the bank like a bottle. So here are 5 wines for the best price and taste that will hit the taste buds and the bank just right. 

1. Kirkland Sangria

A whole LITER for only $7 at Costco. This sweet sangria will have your tastebuds on a vacation and your bank will be too! Read about its praise here.

2. Yellowtail

Don't let their suave and charismatic commercials fool you, this $10 wine will have you on your tail; one cushioned by a fat wallet. 

3. Barefoot

Cost almost as much as going barefoot! This brand brings you a whole world of flavors from Pinot Grigio to sweet champaign all for around $10. A price worth celebrating with a bottle of bubbly.

4. Bartenura Moscato

This sweet juice of the earth tastes like heaven, and you can't put a price on happiness....until now! You can get this bottle of succulent bubbly for a delicious $10 at Costco. 

5. Cupcake

A taste as sweet as the name and an even sweeter price, at only $9 you can shover your face with cupcakes and not feel guilty.

I may have heard it through the grape vine, but $10= one buck saving buzz. Go out there and taste the fermented fruit of the land!