Have you ever heard of those far fetched stories of college students but thought to yourself, "Wow there's no way this is true?" Well, they're true. Dining hall experiences get weirder and weirder with time, and even though it's only my first semester, I've seen some interesting things. Here are some of the weirdest dining hall experiences from my first semester at college.

1. The girl who totes around packets of Chick-Fil-A Sauce

My roommate has this weird thing for Chick-fil-A sauce (you could say it's a fetish), so we have to have a supply at all times—even when we're eating at the dining hall. We have a drawer in our kitchenette solely dedicated to extra take-out condiments, and it's usually just filled with packs of Chick-fil-A sauce. Whether it's barbecue chips or pasta, she has to have Chick-fil-a sauce with it, even if it means sneaking some down to the dining hall.

2. The girl who brings her own salad toppings

salad, vegetable, rice
Claire Couron

Maybe there's something weird floating in the air in my dorm, but my suitemate has a thing for salad toppings, just not the ones offered in the dining hall. If she's feeling an Israeli style salad, she dices up tomatoes and throws it into a plastic bag with feta cheese, then pours a little cup of balsamic vinaigrette to bring downstairs and accompany the cucumbers she snags from the dining hall. To her, it's the perfect salad.

3. The hot sauce boy

On a hot Texas day in October, a friend of mine spotted a boy in the dining hall look both ways before slyly reaching into his backpack as he sat down to eat his meal. What did he pull out of his bag, you ask? A large bottle of hot sauce. Because everything is better with hot sauce. Weird dude, or just a hot sauce aficionado? It's open to interpretation. 

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4. The guy who REALLY loves chicken

In our dining hall, there's a guy who thinks it's acceptable to consume a copious amount of grilled chicken breasts every time he eats in the dining hall. I have heard reports of him devouring up to 12 chicken breasts in one sitting, and no, I am not joking. However, aside from scarfing down way too many grilled chicken breasts, he is a cool guy. 

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5. The dude obsessed with marinara sauce

The dorm I live in has a daily pasta and marinara sauce option for lunch and dinner in the dining hall. I often see this tall, well-built guy grabbing mounds of pasta, and when I say mounds, I mean a plate piled high with pasta. And what better way to accompany an overhaul of pasta than an immense amount of marinara sauce? One day, I'm going to go up to him and ask him if he wants some pasta with his marinara sauce...