The inventor of the red Solo cup, Robert Hulseman, left behind a legacy. The red Solo cup has been the image for college partying since the 1970s and will continue to symbolize this for years to come. However, I am urging you to put the partying aside and see that the red Solo cup can hold more than just beer at a frat party.

1. It can be used as a mold for Jell-O

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Samantha Sontag

Everyone knows the Jell-O cups that all the grocery stores sell are far too small of a serving size for any real Jell-O lover, which is where Solo cup Jell-O steps into the picture. Because of the cup's durability, it serves as a great mold for everyone’s favorite sugar-free snack, while simultaneously allowing Jell-O fans to indulge with a larger serving.

2. It can be used to make a parfait

Everyone loves a good parfait but hates when the parfait cup requires an extra long spoon to reach the bottom. Well, eating a parfait from a red Solo cup fixes that problem. Its height is perfect for any normal size spoon to reach the bottom and scrape up any last bites of yogurt or fruit. The cup’s width also allows for maximum space to have the biggest and most delicious parfait. 

3. It can make Solo "cup-cakes"

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Samantha Sontag

Because you can’t bake a Solo cup in the oven, I baked a normal cake and as it was cooling, I used the cup as a cookie cutter. Then I allowed the cake to cool inside the cup, which I later decorated and enjoyed. It was the perfect size, tasted great, and it was super portable.

4. Take soup to-go

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Samantha Sontag

Everyone knows it’s impossible to take soup to-go. If you’re running to class, work or an appointment, grabbing soup is not ideal. When ordered on the go, it comes in a short bowl—too round for your hand to grasp firmly and too wide to fit in a cup holder. But, if you put the soup in a Solo cup, you can easily sip or slurp your soup while on the move, no spoon required.

5. Make overnight oats

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Samantha Sontag

Overnight oats in clear mason jars are trendy but not convenient. If you’re a busy person, the last thing you need is a mason jar and a spoon to clean up when you get home from a long day, which is why overnight oats in a Solo cup is so much smarter. You can make the oats the same way. Cover the cup with tinfoil, grab your plastic spoon and Solo cup of oats, and hit the road. No dishes, no cleanup, just quick and easy oats.