With Thanksgiving coming up in just a few weeks, there are many staples that we look forward to seeing on the dinner table — turkey, stuffing, yams — the list goes on. While all of those dishes are delicious, we all know that it’s the dessert that everyone is the most excited for.

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From pumpkin, sweet potato and pecan pies topped with whipped cream and icing, these are staples that we all (well, mostly) love and look forward to all year round. But if you’ve ever looked for a new way to trick out your Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, then look no further.


pumpkin pie

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If you want to add another sweet dimension to your pumpkin pie, roast some marshmallows on top of a pumpkin pie for a few minutes under a broiler and serve while warm or cold. They give the dessert a meringue-like effect that really amps up the sweetness of the pie. Go big or go home, right?

#SpoonTip: Save yourself some trouble, buy a pre-made pie, then toast some marshmallows on top for that homemade touch.


pumpkin pie

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By combining two of the most popular pie worlds together, adding pecans on top of your pumpkin pie can add a new taste profile and a little texture. The smoothness of the pumpkin contrasts with the crunchiness of the pecans to create an all new pie-eating experience. Whether plain or glazed, pecans add a new dimension to an already festive dessert.

Ice Cream (inside the pie)

pumpkin pie

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This takes pie and ice cream to a whole new level. Mixing ice cream and pumpkin filling makes for a cool pie-like treat that is reminiscent of an ice cream cake. Pumpkin Pie? Yum. Ice Cream and Pumpkin Pie? Double yum. Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie? Divine. You know you wanna make it.


pumpkin pie

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While we’re on the subject of combining dessert worlds, blending two holiday favorites — pumpkin and chocolate — seems like a no-brainer. By mixing melted semi-sweet chocolate chips and sweet pumpkin puree, you can bake a combo sure to start a new dessert trend among family and friends. Check out how to make it here.

Apple Butter

pumpkin pie

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In yet another example of bringing together seasonal fall flavors, adding a touch of apple butter to your pumpkin pie results in what can only be the most quintessential dessert of the season.

Simply combine the apple butter with the pumpkin before baking to marry these two fall faves together. Here’s the full recipe.