It's now been several days since Halloween, and chances are you've eaten more fun size Snickers than you care to admit. Instead of just chucking out what's left, we at Spoon University have come up with some creative ways for you to make your Halloween candy last all year long. 

Some of these ideas are dependent upon specific types of candy or chocolate, but most of them can be applied to pretty much anything. You can also use any candy you have lying around; it doesn't necessarily need to be from Halloween.

Take it to the movies

Everyone loves going to the movies, but for some it's hard to justify spending around $15 on admission, and almost double that for snacks. But those looking for a cheaper alternative often find it hard to hide all of their favourite sweets.

The best thing about Halloween candy is that it comes individually packaged in small wrappers, meaning it's pretty easy to stuff some into a pocket without looking too noticeable. So next time you're heading out to catch the latest Star Wars film, grab a few fun size M&Ms and save your hard earned cash for the arcade.

Combine it with your favourite hot beverage

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Vi Tran

Nothing warms you up on a cold winter's day quite like a steaming cup of hot chocolate. The best hot chocolate is made using real melted chocolate, so try throwing your leftover chocolate bars into a saucepan and adding some milk or cream.

If you don't have enough chocolate to make a full cup, or if all you have is powdered mix, you can always just add a few chocolate pieces to your drink to liven up the flavour. If hot chocolate isn't your thing, Kit Kats are great for dipping in Tea and Coffee.

Make your own trail mix

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Susanna Tuan

Trail mix is one of the easiest snacks you can make, and doing it your own way allows you to combine that perfect mixture of sweet and salty.

M&Ms combined with peanuts and raisins is probably the most popular mixture, but you can really use any hard shell candy.

If you're in the mood for something really sweet, try replacing the regular raisins with chocolate covered raisins. You can still call it a “healthy snack” and we won't judge!

Mix it with ice cream

The best thing about going out for ice cream is the endless amount of candy toppings at your disposal. Depending on your taste buds, you can add virtually any candy to ice cream–you really can't go wrong. With fun size Halloween candy you have the perfect amount to top an individual serving of ice cream. If you're looking for something really special, try mixing some chocolate bars into a milkshake; you won't regret it.

Liven up your baking

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Katherine O'Malley

Why not use that leftover Halloween candy to turn to your plain old baked goods into something exciting? Instead of just plain chocolate chips, mix in some M&Ms, Smarties, or chunks of milk chocolate to your traditional cookie recipe. There are also plenty of recipes that will allow for the addition of non-chocolate candies, like this skittles cake.  

Here's to hoping you've still got some Halloween candy around to make some of these sweet treats. If you don't, no worries, just go to the store and get some on clearance.