We're back at home. Gone are the days of late-night fries and dining hall buffets. Yeah, we're all stuck at home for the unforeseeable future, and it's very easy to squash our feelings of boredom and anxiety with food, but that doesn't mean you have to! NOW is the best time to focus on your physical and mental health. Here are a few ways way to live your healthiest life in quarantine:

1. Recognize the difference between hunger and boredom

When there is zero school work to be done and not much going on elsewhere, it's easy to binge-watch a show and down a few bags of chips in the process. Know your body and its signs of hunger. Before picking up a snack, ask yourself, "am I actually hungry?" Don't get me wrong, this doesn't mean depriving yourself when you can't decide. It's important to honor your body by making choices that benefit it. 

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Denise Uy

2. Find substitutes for your guilty pleasures

Being at home all the time definitely makes me miss restaurant classics like a burger and fries. Find ways to sub your favorite fast food meals with healthy alternatives such as making oven-baked fries, banana ice cream, or chickpea cookie dough. It's a great way to utilize those pantry staples while eating food that's good for your body and soul. Here's my healthy version of an avocado grilled cheese with fries made in the air fryer.

Sarah Olatidoye

3.  Experiment with your diet

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Christin Urso

Have you ever wondered why your stomach hurts after eating certain foods? Or do you often feel lethargic after big meals? Now is the best time to change up your diet. Cut out foods that might be causing you unnecessary pain. Better yet, challenge yourself to cook more and eat LESS of processed, prepackaged food (your bank account will thank you later). A good rule of thumb to making any meal a bit more nutritious is to add some raw spinach or veggies in general. You don't have to drastically change your routine but adding a few more food groups to your diet will actually improve your health in the long run.

4. Exercise: Home Workout Edition

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Julia Gilman

Schedule time to get active! Be it a 20-minute jog or a 15-minute workout video, your body will thank you in the long run (especially if you spent the last six hours laying in bed). Youtube is home to many amazing workout channels; some of my favorites are Madfit and Chloe Ting. They really make me SWEAT. If you're not into high impact workouts, try learning a Tiktok dance. Just remember to get your body moving for an hour or two each day. Forget the gym right now. Home workouts can go just as hard!

5. Be Kind to Yourself

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Lauryn Lahr

We are living in unprecedented times. In the midst of trying to live your healthiest life, it's important to remember your mental health as well. Journaling helps me reflect on the current situation while maintaining a positive attitude. I've also found some very helpful yoga videos for stress relief that really help me relax. Show yourself love and schedule that self-care time in any way you choose, just know that you are doing the best you can.