La-Fun? Try again. Reckers is where it’s at. Living on West Quad, I can say with confidence that my freshman year would have been significantly different without the existence of Reckers. To this day, the mere image of that beautiful red and yellow sign brings tears to my eyes. Through countless nighttime (and sometimes even daytime) Reckers rendezvous, I’ve narrowed down the five ways this magical place changed my life.

1. Summer-Bod-Saving Smoothies

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Without Reckers smoothies, my late-night snacking would have no doubt been unhealthy junk. Thanks to my go-to Jamaican Jammer I was able to snack healthier (sometimes) and justify a quick trip to my favorite spot on campus.

 2. Finding Freshman Friends

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Because my friends and I would always stop at Reckers after a night of going out or hanging around campus, we formed countless friendships. We were always meeting someone new or reconnecting with someone we saw the previous week, all bonding over a brick-oven pizza that none of us really needed.

3. Parietals-Free Palace

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While every dorm has a 24 hour space, there is always a sense of anxiety that goes along with it, and you never really feel at ease when you hang out with friends past the late hours of 12am.  Try out Reckers: a 24-hour space without the creepy ambiance of a 24 hour dorm lounge. Once parietals hit, my friends and I would always rely on Reckers to allow us to continue the fun. Some of my best memories were made thanks to this luxury.

4. Study Space

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Everyone has their go to study spot on campus. While I do love a nice study session at Club Hes, I’d much rather study at Reckers where the food and coffee are always flowing, and you never know who will stop by and help you procrastinate that paper you do not want to write.

5. Cheesus Christ

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Two words: Cheese. Fries. There is nothing better at 2 AM than eating a plateful of the ambrosia that are Reckers cheese fries. Simply life-changing.


So go, make Reckers a part of your time at Notre Dame, I promise you won’t regret it.