Whether or not you live near a Ben and Jerry’s, you’ve probably heard the news by now… Ben and Jerry’s, the most unique (read: best) ice cream shop around, is giving away FREE ICE CREAM.

So what’s going on? This is Ben and Jerry’s (like the actual founders now) nod of appreciation to all of their awesome customers. They genuinely want to thank all those Phish Food and Cherry Garcia lovers who keep trying their wacky flavors and ordering up their insanely good dipped cones. Ben and Jerry started this glorious tradition in 1979 and it gets more and more popular every year.

Here are a few ways to maximize your ice cream intake on the big day:

1. Just get back in line 


Photo by Olivia Benjamin

We’ll let you in on a little secret: there’s NO LIMIT on the number of times you can get back in line. In the official promo video, one guy admits to standing in line 7 times. Ok that probably took a while, but it’s SEVEN FREE ICE CREAM CONES. Let’s beat this kid. Challenge accepted? 

2. Hit up multiple locations


Photo by Danielle Chandler

We suggest creating a detailed plan with walking directions and optimal line times but that might just be us. Seriously though, click here and figure out which locations are closest. You might find there’s more than one Scoop Shop nearby.

3. Bring along a lactose intolerant friend


Photo by Laura Lim

Oh the advantages of having a friend with severe food allergies. Here’s the plan: ask them to “run an errand” with you and then, after they stand in line for 20 minutes and accuse you of using them, act confused and beg for them to stay in line and give you their ice cream. Remind them they can still get a basic ice cream cone Insta out of it…

4. Beg/pay an innocent bystander


Photo by Mairin Daubert

Desperate? Yes. Necessary for the more extreme addicts? Also yes. And hey, you’re still (hopefully) spending less money than you would have on those extra cones you’re about to get.

5. Earn a Skip the Line pass

We can’t confirm anything but word on the street is that some stores give out these fast passes for things like dancing or dressing up as an ice cream cone (I actually have no idea about the costume thing, but I can’t think of why it wouldn’t be a good idea). So break out the moves and hope for the best. Even if you don’t get one, dancing is always a good way to pass the time…

P.S. Check out this definitive ranking of flavors while you’re waiting in those lines

And if you’re still bored, figure out which retired Ben and Jerry’s flavor you are. I wonder why Wavy Gravy’s not still around…