Cinco de Mayo is swiftly approaching, and who doesn’t like an excuse to celebrate with your favorite Mexican classics? If you’re on a gluten-free diet, no worries, you can still enjoy the day with the best of ’em. Whether you like tacos or ‘ritas, this article will guide you through a truly delicious, gluten-free celebration.

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1. Nachos

Cinco de Mayo

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Most tortilla chips are made with corn, making them gluten-free. Just make sure the festive toppings are too.

2. Enchiladas

Cinco de Mayo

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The difference between enchiladas and burritos is that enchiladas have a soft, corn shell and burritos have a soft, flour shell. They also have different sauces, but both enchilada and burrito sauces are often gluten-free.

This cheesy enchilada casserole is to die for if you are looking for a recipe.

3. Hard Shell Tacos

Cinco de Mayo

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The hard-shell taco is a gluten-free classic to satisfy your crunchy cravings. Thanks to its corn shell, there are usually no traces of wheat.

This is actually an American dish, not an original Mexican one, but it is still a crowd-favorite.

#Spoontip: Check with your local Mexican restaurant to make sure there are no seasonings with gluten in the chicken or beef they use.

4. Taco Salad

Cinco de Mayo

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Sometimes known as a Crazy Taco, this is a great meal for someone with a gluten allergy (as long as you steer clear of any big, flour tortilla bowls that they’re occasionally served in).

5. Margaritas

Cinco de Mayo

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Tequila, lime and lemon juice, and triple sec are all gluten-free, and it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere.