This past Saturday a devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, becoming that region’s most devastating natural disaster in over a hundred years.


Photo by Narendra Shresthra

This earthquake (as well as the subsequent avalanche on Mount Everest where more than 200 climbers needed to be rescued) has caused an enormous loss of human life and the destruction of many of the region’s most beautiful and historic monuments.

You’re probably wondering what an article like this is doing on Spoon, since you’ve probably already seen a dozen others just like it on every other social media site you’ve been to since the event.

Here’s why you’re reading it here: When tragedies such as this strike, we all need to come together and offer relief in any way we can. We here at Spoon love food, as do all you Spoonies, and as you can imagine, the people of Nepal are left horribly bereft of supplies, including and especially food and water.


Photo by Narendra Shresthra

These people have lost everything. Their homes, stores, schools, monuments, everything’s gone and before they can even begin the rebuilding process they have to make sure they have enough supplies to keep everyone healthy and safe. And for the most part they don’t have enough supplies right now.

That’s where you come in.

Here are some places where your aid will make an enormous difference:

Because we’re all broke college kids, I can understand if you’re a little hesitant about donating. Even if you don’t have anything to spare this month, just sharing these links and spreading awareness that these people in need and ways to help would make a huge difference. You might not be able to donate but someone else probably can!


Photo by Bulent Doruk

All of these foundations have their feet on the ground providing relief for the victims and your donations will provide them with shelter, clothes, food, clean water and sanitation assistance and more.

While it may seem easier or more efficient to just send food and clothes and other supplies directly to the charities, a lot of the time those packages won’t make it through because of regulations (such that take a lot of time and effort) which make them go to waste. What these foundations and the victims need most right now is money so that they can receive the best relief possible.


Photo by Omar Havana

As we mourn those lost in this tragedy, we must also remember that there are those who are still struggling and they need our help. Donations in any amount can make a huge difference.

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