1. Chickpeas

Whether they're in curry, falafel or hummus, chickpeas are an easy (and tasty) way to get your protein. In fact, as I'm sat here writing this I've got a pot of hummus next to me!

vegetable, cereal, legume, meat, pea, chickpeas, garbanzo, corn
Christin Urso

2. Lentils

Much like chickpeas these go great in currys! I personally love making cottage pie and subbing in lentils instead of beef as they not only taste amazing but also a great texture.

cereal, buckwheat, legume, lentil, vegetable
Christin Urso

3. Eggs

Although this is one of the more obvious choices, it doesn't have to be boring. I love making scrambled eggs and adding spices and cheese to enhance the flavour! If you're not a fan of scrambled eggs you can always make an omelette with peppers, mushrooms, red onion and spinach.

egg, Eggs, Fresh, carton, farmer's market
Caroline Ingalls

4. Soy meat substitutes

Let's not forget that there are a great range of vegetarian meat substitutes available from brands such as Quorn. There are so many choices that I don't even miss meat as I can get substitutes of almost any type of meat!

5. Cheese

Although I don't recommend replacing all meat with cheese, as too much isn't good for you, cheese does contain protein. I don't know about you guys but I'm pretty sure cheese goes with 99% of food!

cheddar, milk, dairy product, dairy, cheese, slices
Caroline Ingalls

Now next time someone asks you the dreaded question- "but how will you get your protein?"- you can just show them this list of veggie-friendly ways to get your protein and happily tuck into your hummus!

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