Whether you're going veggie for lent, or permanently, or you're just trying to cut down your intake of meat, it's always useful to know where to find vegetarian options around the city. I personally didn't realize how easy it was to eat less meat, but pretty much every restaurant will have at least one vegetarian option- so if you're thinking about going veggie, it's never been easier. Here are my top 5 veggie friendly restaurants in Portsmouth. Oh, and the best news? All of them have chains all over the UK, so even if you're not in Portsmouth you can still get your hands on these great meals. 


Everyone loves Nando's, right? I have personally been there on many occasions and will surely be going there again soon. Even though Nando's is typically known for their chicken, they have a surprising amount of vegetarian options, such as their portobello mushroom and halloumi- which you can either get in a wrap or a bun- and their soya burger (which can be made vegan if you cut the mayo!) So, if you needed another reason to love Nando's, here you go. 


I know what you're thinking... a burger place? But I swear, their vegetarian options are really, really good- they have two veggie burgers- the Juicy Boris (a falafel burger), and the Dirty Linda (a fried halloumi burger). Not only that, but many of their sides are vegetarian as well, such as their mac and cheese (SO MUCH CHEESE), halloumi fries and of course their regular fries. Who says you can't have burgers when you don't eat meat?


This one comes as no surprise, but still deserves a mention. Asian food uses a lot of tofu, so generally quite a lot of it can be made vegetarian. Plus, you're sure to get your carbs in with rice and noodles, so Wagamama is a very good place to go. Not to mention it's situated in Gunwharf Quays, so you don't just get good food, but a view of the sea as well. A must visit. 


Finally, pizza and pasta! Italian food is a personal favorite because it's simple and comforting, and pasta can always be made vegetarian, especially if you have the Pomodoro, which is a simple yet flavorful pasta with tomato sauce. If tomatoes aren't your favorite, not to worry- there are loads of other pasta dishes to choose from, as well as pizzas and salads. 


Mexican food is great, and it's a change from the regular sandwich or pasta that makes up most of my diet. The best thing about Chiquito is that they have a create your own section in the menu- you can choose between tacos, fajitas, burritos or enchiladas, and adjust your fillings to make them completely veggie. Tip: they also have a halloumi burger. Too. Many. Choices.

There you have it! 5 chains in Portsmouth that are vegetarian friendly, and I haven't even mentioned all of them. If you're doing Meatless Monday, I would highly recommend any one of these places because they're so good, you won't even miss the meat.