Valentine’s Day is less than a week away and we know that as students, we all have that habit of procrastination no matter how much we hate it. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of last minute gift and date ideas that are easily accessible to college students. These will win the heart of any foodie.

1. Banana Bread and Pizza Hearts


Photo courtesy of Brian Nguyen

“Slice slice baby!” Tidbit hearts of pizza and banana bread are the best way to say “I love you”. Plus, all you need is banana bread, pizza and a heart shaped cookie cutter. It doesn’t get more romantic than Pizza, especially in a heart shape. And for that extra special touch, confess your love in front of the Cannon, just like this guy.

2. Bacon Rose Bouquet

“Don’t go bacon my heart!” Put a twist on that classical bouquet of roses. Rather than giving something that withers away, give the gift of bacon, in the form of roses – eternal love doesn’t get better than that. Sweep your SO off of their feet when you show up with a bacon rose bouquet followed by a romantic dinner at Bueno Gust, or any of these restaurants in Guelph.

3. Nutella Glazed Strawberries


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“I’m nutell-ing you that money can’t buy happiness because it can buy Nutella, which is basically the same thing.” These heart-shaped Nutella strawberries will win over anyone’s heart!  It’s okay to go overboard and overachieve on Valentine’s Day. Go full out and pair this idea up with chocolate dipped strawberries from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Stone Road Mall. No one can say no to chocolate and Nutella.

4. Candy V Day Hearts

Get a jar of candy hearts and seductively feed them one by one to your SO. Watch out, there are always club offering free gift wrapping in the UC, so if you don’t feel all that confident at art, we got you covered.

For extra inspiration, just look to Tatum.

5. Popcorn Flavoured with Love


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“Popcorn and Chill?” Trust us, there’s nothing more romantic than snuggling up to a movie with your SO after a long day and surprising her with candy flavoured popcorn. Take a look at this recipe to help you get started. You can go for the classic chocolate approach and spice it up with cayenne pepper or customize it according to their favourite candy.

Make it extra special by taking him/her on a stargazing date in the Arboretum, may the force be with you.

Good Luck!