The signs are there: you love to cook, you think about food constantly and your friends and family affectionately refer to you using the “f” word. But how do you know if your obsession crosses the line from “food lover” to “full-fledged foodie”? Check out these five tell-tale signs to see if you make the cut.

1. Your Instagram feed is predominantly food.


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You’re that friend, the one who is constantly spamming your followers’ Instagram feeds with pictures of your daily eats. Because who doesn’t want to see snapshots of your yummy creations, from homemade acai bowls to decorative oatmeal? Super foodies even have separate Instagram accounts dedicated solely to sharing their food masterpieces.

2. Yelp is your bible.


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Eating out? You spend way too much time on Yelp beforehand, checking out the options (a.k.a. scrolling through the dimly lit iPhone pictures posted by other users). By the time you walk into the restaurant, you have the menu memorized and you already know what you’re ordering for each course.

3. Grocery shopping beats clothes shopping any day.


Photo by Lauren Grace Vivian

Every true foodie knows that shopping for groceries beats shopping for clothes any day of the week. What could be better than walking through aisles and aisles of neatly stacked food and fresh fruit and veggies? Grocery shopping is a foodie’s second favorite thing to do next to eating, of course.

4. Your favorite part of traveling is trying new food.


Photo by Eunice Choi

All foodies know that the best way to explore a new place is through its food. While others are dreaming of the Eiffel Tower and the Taj Mahal, you’re fantasizing about fresh baguettes and Indian street food. You’ve thoroughly researched the best eats in your destination and you have an itinerary full of restaurant and food truck stops.

5. You plan your day around food.


Photo by Kirby Barth, Northwestern University

Mealtime is the best time and you plan your day accordingly. Chances are you wake up having already planned what’s for breakfast. You always have a snack on hand, because hell hath no fury like a hungry foodie. Unexpected dinner plans? Studying for that midterm can wait.

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5 signs you're a foodie

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