Picture this: You are blissfully sunning yourself on a pool float when you decide that there would be nothing better than a party where you could grill and hang out in the sunshine. Sometimes, there is nothing better than cooking on the grill and lounging by the pool or the ocean-- no other type of gathering can truly beat it. Here's a list of foods that aren't cliché and that taste great when grilled. 

1.) Fruit!

Have you ever had grilled pineapple? If not, you are certainly missing out. There are a plethora of fruits that go well with other grilled items such as meats and vegetables: think of grilled peaches with brown sugar and vanilla ice cream, grilled mangoes with juicy pork and grilled watermelon to spice up your summery salad. The sweetness and smokiness of grilled fruit can provide a sweet addition to any savory dish or add the final touch on a sweet treat. Summer is the ideal season for fruit variety at your local supermarket.

2.) Vegetables!

If you have ever had grilled kebabs of some sort, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. However, it goes farther than the cliché corn, mushrooms and peppers. There are dozens of recipes that incorporate less consumed vegetables in ways that make them more appealing by grilling: grilled zucchini taco boats, grilled spicy eggplant, or grilled cauliflower with pasta. Yes, vegetables can be super fun. 

3.) Dessert!

My personal favorite part of every meal. You can take classic dishes and give them a unique twist on the grill by bringing out different flavors through the heat -- try grilling spongy cakes like angel food cake or more complex bases like cobblers to pair with fruits and dairy products. You can even grill cream-filled pastries like éclairs for a warm, gooey touch that gives you a campfire feel. You can also make s'mores on the grill on a rainy day. 

4.) Breads and Cheeses!

Ah, yes. Carbs -- we love them. Have you ever tried grilling a baguette to give it that extra crispy crunch and then pairing it with melty brie? If not, I'm sure that now you will. Trust me -- you should. Make combinations of these items through grilling classics like homemade pizzas and sandwiches that will have a new, refreshing hint of smoky flavor. 

5.) Breakfast!

Okay, so maybe this isn't a food group -- but it's a lifestyle. If you are a breakfast person like I am, you are always looking for new ways to spice up your mornings. Or afternoons. Or evenings. The point is, breakfast can be enjoyed at any time during the day. Luckily, breakfast can also extend past the oven and the toaster. Try grilling up classics like hash brown casserole or liven up your french toast and free it from your skillet. 

Now you are ready to shake up your next cookout or grilling event and impress your friends and family. No hot-dogs? No problem. You've got this. But be prepared... you'll be planning your next grilling event ASAP!

Want some recipes? We've gotcha covered... here's more than 100 ideas: