The words "Swiss" and "chocolate" have always sounded good together: chocolates from Switzerland are internationally well-loved. Here is a list of wonderful Swiss chocolates that won't cost you too much (because you are a student after all).

1. Ragusa

Created by Camille Bloch in 1942, Ragusa is truly delicious. You will love Ragusa if you love hazelnuts. Aside from the nuts, the chocolate itself is amazing. (Fun fact: Camille named the chocolate after a city in Croatia). They can be bought online.

2. Toblerone

We should all be grateful that Toblerone is available in most stores in America. The hard texture of toblerone prevents it from melting too fast, and also makes it a good chocolate to suck on.

3. Ovomaltine

Although Ovomaltine chocolate bars are almost impossible to find in the U.S., they sure are worth getting. If you can't get the chocolate bar, there's always the Ovomaltine chocolate spread or the Ovomaltine drink.

4. Milka

Sometimes you just want a continental chocolate that is reasonably priced, and you don't want to go great lengths to obtain it. That CVS sells Milka makes me a happy student. Try the Oreo flavor, you'll love it. 

5. Lindt

Did you know that like Milka, Lindt chocolate has been in existence for the longest time? The fact that it stood the test of time already gives us a hint about Lindt's wonder. The other great thing about Lindt is that you can get them as small round pieces (bon-bons?), if you want to take a break from bars.