There's always new restaurants opening up in Tallahassee. As a college student, I'm always keeping an eye out for new restaurants I can enjoy. I'm a big fan of mediterranean food, so I decided to try out the newest mediterranean joint in the college sphere, Crazy 4 Hummus. There are surprisingly a decent number of mediterranean restaurants in Tallahassee, but no two restaurants are the same. I'm about to share with you all my thoughts while first experiencing Crazy 4 Hummus. 

1. I bet they have SO many different hummus flavors.

bread, hummus
Brynette Larranaga

To my dismay...they did NOT have a variety of different hummus flavors. I was thoroughly disappointed. I still tried the regular hummus they serve and it was v good. It was extremely creamy, had olive oil in the middle, and came with warm pita bread. It exceeded my expectations from the restaurant's appearance, but maybe that's me just being bougie. 

2. Wow this menu has hella options.

Brynette Larranaga

I honestly had such a hard time choosing what to order. I had to ask the cashier what I should get. I originally wanted to try the Beef Shwarma Sandwich, but they were out of it. Soooo I decided on the Kufta Kabob Sandwich. I usually get some sort of meat with a greek salad on the side, but I decided to stray away from my usual.

3. This is pretty inexpensive.

I usually end up spending 20 something dollars at my favorite mediterranean restaurant. I only spent $12 here and the only reason it wasn't less is because I got an appetizer of hummus instead of a side of hummus. I didn't finish the whole tub so I had leftovers for later.

4. The presentation sucks, but I'll let it slide because the food is pretty good. 

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Brynette Larranaga

So, again this is me just being a bougie bitch, but the presentation of the actual food wasn't the best. The actual restaurant had no decorations or color scheme at all, but whatever I got over it. If the restaurant had some decoration then the presentation of the food wouldn't matter (as long as the food was still good, which it was). Apart from the hummus, I also ordered the Kufta Kabob Sandwich. It was just wrapped in some checkered paper on a black plastic plate. Now don't get me wrong, that definitely didn't take away from the quality of the food. The lamb was juicy, not dry at all. The sandwich also included hummus which was the cherry on top. The hummus in the sandwich didn't overpower the lamb, but complimented it perfectly.

5. Definitely coming here when I'm ballin' on a budget and craving mediterranean food.

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Brynette Larranaga

I'm not going to lie, this is not my new favorite spot for my mediterranean fix. It's not the best, but not the worst either. When I'm financially struggling and craving this cuisine, you'll spot me here. Cheap, authentic, and in a convenient location...perfect for a broke college student #trust